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9" Crosswinds Terrarium Vase

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10" dia x 9"

Easy Breezy Tabletop Terrariums
Join in the latest decorative craze with one of Crosswinds terrariums for sale in our extensive terrarium and home accents collection. Ever growing in popularity thanks to their versatile design and multi-functional use, terrariums are a fun way to add some natural decorative appeal to your space. Featuring a two-opening design, the crosswinds glass terrarium is perfect for cultivating plants that don't require high humidity. It's also a lovely ornament for holding candles, potpourri, decorative stones, or any other number of pretty little baubles.

Maximum Aeration for Airplants and Succulents
Unlike some other terrariums in our collection that feature one opening or offset openings, the Crosswinds is designed with two large openings directly across from one another. This design creates a breezeway for air to flow through, giving true credit to the name "crosswinds." This style of glass terrarium is especially helpful for installing and watering living and growing plants. The two large openings provide for ease of manipulating the growing plants or other objects inside while also providing an intriguing cross section view, like a little porthole window. The large openings also help to minimize plant disease by providing an optimal amount of airflow. Please note that plants requiring high humidity and moisture must be checked often in this style terrarium. Succulents, air plants, and mini ferns- to name a few- will feel right at home in this medium-sized terrarium!

A Hand Blown, Extra Thick Glass Terrarium that Doesn't Cost a Fortune
This hand blown piece is made thicker than most all terrariums you will come across, without costing an arm and a leg. Blown glass terrariums like the crosswinds vase make lovely gifts for birthdays, holidays, graduations, and housewarming celebrations. Create a ready-made decorative gift by filling this terrarium with a pretty living succulent or a fragrant scented candle. Or you may choose to let your creative loved one create his or her own personalized terrarium design. No matter how you fill it, this elegant terrarium makes an eye-catching accent on windowsills, kitchen counters, dining tables, sideboards, and vanities.

10" dia x 9"