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Prestige 40 inch Tall Planter - Black

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Exterior: 22"L x 22"W x 40"H
Interior(top): 16.5"L x 16.5"W

Fashionable Black Patio Planters

Bring a low-key sense of high fashion to your outdoor space with these tall black patio planters from the Prestige collection. Though they are minimal in design - lacking any fancy colorful designs or excessive embellishments - these classy black planters draw eyes with an elongated silhouette and beautifully incised framed panels. The Prestige design is a classic one, with clean lines and a distinctive rolled rim to give it a finished look. Thanks to the jet black color this tall planter also has a modern appeal to it, perfect for chic upscale spaces like hotels and spas. For home or for business, the Prestige tall square planter adds a tasteful element to both indoor and outdoor décor.

Resistant to Rot and Insect Damage

We designed our Prestige planters to have the look of hand carved wood, with perfectly inlaid double square panels on each side and a pronounce rim and footing. However, these sleek planters are actually made from high-grade polyethylene, a material valued for its versatility and durability in outdoor applications. Polyethylene, unlike wood, is resistant to insect infestations that can cause traumatic damage to both the appearance and integrity of the planter. It is also resistant to rotting since it is a synthetic material. Aside from being long-lasting, these planters are also resilient in any weather or environment. They will resist cracking, chipping, warping, and fading in direct sunlight. Unlike wood, these vinyl planters are also incredibly lightweight.

Adding a Tall Planter to Your Space

Just a single Prestige planter is all it takes to totally transform your space from dull to daring. In homes, hotels, restaurants, or shops, these tall slender planters make a lovely architectural accent in those uninspired empty spaces like foyers, hallways, in corners, or against blank walls. In pairs, they can also be used to create a stunning focal point when flanking entryways. Simple plantings work best with these attractive containers, such as manicured topiaries or feathery ferns.

Exterior: 22"L x 22"W x 40"H
Interior(top): 16.5"L x 16.5"W