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Lunar Round Flower Pots

Create elegant curb appeal that knows no bounds with these faux stone outdoor flower pots. With a look that is part rustic and part modern, these tall planters are the perfect combination of decorative beauty and versatility for any type of architecture and any sort of decorative scheme. Durable and lightweight, these composite resin and stone planters offer the classic appeal of stone in a product that is easier to maintain and longer lasting. We offer the Lunar self-watering round planter in two sizes and three attractive colors. Place this tall flower planter beside your front door to add a fresh new look to your façade.

Tall garden pots add an interesting element of vertical appeal to your outdoor or indoor space, leading the eye upward with a sleek, clean silhouette. For extra character, the Lunar planter has a tapered silhouette and extra wide brim. Both sizes the large and small are available in your color choice of Gray, Taupe, or Black, allowing you to best match them with your décor. For indoor and outdoor use the Luna is also weather-, frost-, and fade-resistant for a rugged outdoor planter you can enjoy year-round.

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14in. Lunar Round Flower Pot - Available in. 3 Colors
24in. Lunar Tall Flower Pot - Available in. 3 Colors

Decorating with Tall Flower Planters

With the Lunar tall flower planter we show that simple doesn't have to mean boring. A classic elongated silhouette allows this tall planter pot to command attention from afar, especially when you fill it will upward-growing plants like manicured topiaries, vertical flowers, and ornamental grasses. To add an extra touch of decorative appeal this composite planter has a marbled stone look to it that gives it a sense of subtle elegance. Choose your color from Gray, Taupe, or Black. These tall planter pots create a beautiful display when flanking doorways and entryways, lining facades or sidewalks, or standing in garden beds. For indoor use, the Lunar outdoor flower pots makes a stunning statement in a foyer, at the end of a hallway or in a living room corner.

Better Than Stone

The Lunar planter offers all the luxurious look of real stone but none of the setbacks. No heavy weight, no high maintenance, no risk of cracking or crumbling. Instead of all those setbacks you get an ultra-light and durable planter pot thanks to the ArtStone construction. This material is a combination of resin and stone that creates a more long-lasting and easy-to-maintain planter. Our composite planters are resistant to damage from excess moisture or extreme temperatures. They are also UV-resistant so you will never have to worry about fading and discoloration. However, for the extra longevity of your planters and your plants you may choose to bring them indoors during the cold months.

The Dependable Self-Watering System

You can count on this dependable tall garden pot to look attractive in your décor while also caring for your precious potted plants. The smart sub-irrigation Water-Minder system ensures that your plants stay well watered, even if you forget about your gardening chores for a couple of days. Each Lunar pot is securely fitted with a Water-Minder disc that creates a reservoir in the bottom of the planter to hold excess water. No need for rocks or other substrate, your root systems will keep from getting water logged while also staying perfectly moist between watering times. This system refeeds water to your plants through the roots and can be easily drained if need be.

Tips for Planting in Tall Garden Pots

With the Lunar planter we take the guesswork out of watering, both in indoor and outdoor environments. For outdoor applications, turn the container over and remove the rubber stopper. It can be stored in the top of the container for safekeeping. Excess water can flow out during times of heavy precipitation, preventing damage to your plants from overwatering. When it comes time to bring your planter indoors, empty any residual water then simply reinsert the plug. You won't ever suffer any messy spills on your hardwood floors or carpet and you can enjoy your seasonal plantings for even longer. To further encourage drainage, consider drainage materials like 3/4" drain rock, 1" lava rock orcoconut fiber»