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14in. Lunar Round Flower Pot - Available in. 3 Colors

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14"Dia. x 13.5" H
Base: 9"Dia.

Simple and Chic Round Planter Pot

Who says that a simple, classic silhouette can't draw eyes from across the room, or across the street? This round planter pot plays on a traditional silhouette but gives it its own special artistic treatment to create a focal point for your façade that is sure to stand out. Including a handy self-watering reservoir, our Lunar tall flower planters have an eye-catching vertical appeal that is further accentuated by their beautiful faux-stone finish. Available in three color choices this composite planter gives you the elegant upscale look of real stone but will never afford you any of the setbacks. Leave this handsome planter out on your front porch all year long to boost curb appeal to the max.

  • 14" diameter x 13.5" tall planter
  • Includes water-minder insert
  • For indoor or outdoor use.

Fake Stone Tall Flower Planters

Tapered round planters can be used outdoors on a patio, porch, or in a garden to add an interesting focal point to the view. Made with a beautifully marbled surface treatment they have a natural look to them that goes well with outdoor settings. In Black, Taupe, or Gray they can be paired with any type of scenery. And even though they may look like stone, these ArtStone resin composite planters are actually ultra lightweight and incredibly durable. Enjoy the benefits of frost - and UV-resistance with these resin and stone planters. You can place them anywhere in your outdoor space without worry of fading, cracking, or crumbling.

Built-In Moisture Control

Included with every Lunar planter is an innovative Water-Minder self-watering system. Firmly affixed to the bottom of the planter, this sub-irrigation disk allows excess water to collect below the soil, preventing both drowning and dehydration in those in-between-watering times. Plants can wick up water from their roots, ensuring that they always stay just the right amount of moist. For outdoor applications simply remove the drainage plug to prevent excess moisture accumulation.

14"Dia. x 13.5" H
Base: 9"Dia.