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14in. Naples Tall Flower Pot - Terra Cotta

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14"Dia. x 27.5"H
Base: 10"Dia.

All the Elements of the Perfect Planter

You can find planting pots for sale made from a variety of materials, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. But when you are looking for tall garden planters that combine unique modern good looks and unbeatable durability the only way to go is with a composite material. More specifically, go with an innovative combination of resin and stone found right here with these Naples garden planters. This tall planter pot has all the classic charm of weathered stone, however it affords a simplified chic design that is delightfully modern.

  • 14" diameter x 27.5" tall planter
  • Includes water-minder insert
  • For indoor or outdoor use.

Eye-Catching Tall Garden Planters

This tall garden planter truly take the traditional look of stone into the twenty-first century. It has a tapered form that gracefully shrinks down to a petite footprint (perfect for those who want to add big visual impact to smaller spaces) and an incredibly slim sidewall. Because they are made from composite resin these planters are extremely lightweight so safe to use on balconies, rooftops, and other spaces with weight constraints. These large planters still have plenty of interior space for all of your favorite flowers and shrubs. We suggest upward-growing plants like shrubs and ornamental grasses to emphasize the vertical appeal. Or you could add some cascading plants to the mix for a stunning floral display. The Naples planter ensures that your plants will stay well cared for even when you are away because they have a built-in self-watering system.

Sturdy Self-Watering Pots

Not only does a resin-stone construction make these planters lightweight, it also makes them quite durable. They are built to stand strong in all environments, including freezing temperatures and beating sunlight. For outdoor use on porches and patios, you can remove the lower drainage plug to allow water to flow freely through the planter. However if you want to utilize the water-minder feature most efficiently, leave the plug in place and allow plants to drink for days as needed from the water reservoir.

14"Dia. x 27.5"H
Base: 10"Dia.