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11in. Naples Tall Flower Pot

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11"Dia. x 19"H
Base: 7.5" Dia.

The Ultimate Stone Flower Pot

Looking for a handsome stone flower pot to finish out your new front porch decorative remodel? There are tons out there on the market with a variety of features, so choosing can be tricky. That's why we make buying tall garden pots made from stone and resin simple for you. We combine all of the best attributes of outdoor planters into one versatile, decorative piece. The Naples garden planter has got it all: a classic stone look that adds upscale elegance to your façade, enhanced durability with the use of resin material, and a convenient self-watering system built right in. Lighter weight that all-stone planters, these composite garden pots give you the look you want without any of the maintenance headaches.

  • 11" diameter x 19" tall planter
  • Includes water-minder insert
  • For indoor or outdoor use.

Tall Garden Pots for Porches

If you've chosen a set of Naples planters to complete your outdoor look, then you've made the perfect choice. Tall tapered planter pots make a dramatic statement when flanking doorways and entryways. They add vertical interest to a space that is sure to be noticed. Filling these tapered planters with upward-reaching plants like manicured topiaries and ornamental grasses. These simple round planters have a minimalist design that makes them attractive without detracting from the lovely plant arrangement within. They get their extra boost of charm from the marbled finish that gives them the look of real weathered stone. But unlike real stone these resin and stone planters are built to be weatherproof and UV-resistant.

Less Time Watering, More Time Relaxing

Since we know you want to spend more time enjoying your outdoor décor and less time maintaining it we've added the convenient self-watering system in the bottom of each tall planter. This water-minder disc allows excess water to collect in the lower reservoir. Plants can drink as needed through their roots, allowing you more time between waterings. You can also remove the drainage plug for outdoor applications so that you never risk water damage to your plants.

11"Dia. x 19"H
Base: 7.5" Dia.