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Paris Tall Square Planters

Paris Tall Square Planters provide elegance for patios and porches, entryways and courtyards. They add modern curb appeal, letting your home's exterior decor stand out from others in your neighborhood. The extruded band at the planter's top showcases an "oxford" style collar that is both stately yet casual. From the top to the subtly tapered square planter bottom, these resin garden planters provide great functionality as well as style.

Available in standard sizes, the Paris tall outdoor planter comes in a 21 inch height and the 26 inch height. Each size offers an ideal depth for taller plants, grasses, small trees or flowers. The outdoor planter boxes come in four traditional colors, from a vibrant tomato to a sedate slate, from a lovely linen to a tantalizing taupe.

These tall pots also have a rugged durability. Their high grade composite plastic resin construction resists cracking, bowing, or fading. So reliable are they, they come with a 2 year limited warranty by the manufacturer. Designed for outdoor use, they can be incorporated inside as well without fear of leaks due to no drainage holes. Add a self watering reservoir system to keep plants dry for extended periods of time.

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21in. Paris Tall Square Planter - Slate
26in. Paris Tall Square Planter - Slate
21in. Paris Tall Square Planter - Tomato
26in. Paris Tall Square Planter - Tomato
21in. Paris Tall Square Planter - Taupe
26in. Paris Tall Square Planter - Taupe
21in. Paris Tall Square Planter - Linen
26in. Paris Tall Square Planter - Linen

Elegant Paris Tall Square Planters

If you have been looking for classy tall pots, you have come to the right place. The Paris Tall Square Planters are long on style and durable besides. Tall flower pots provide an elegance all their own. They look both stately and statuesque, lending themselves to a contemporary exterior design motif that enhances multi-story homes or commercial buildings. Add a Paris tall outdoor planter in strategic locations and increase curb appeal in the process. Their wide extruded band on the square planter top combines both a traditional yet chic appearance. With plenty of room for substantial root systems, the Paris outdoor planter boxes make the ideal vessels for small trees, tall wispy grasses and stately tall floral arrangements.

Container Gardening with Resin Garden Planters

Besides their handsome good looks, the Paris Tall Square Planters offer many qualities ideal for reliable container gardening projects. Made with rugged composite plastic resins, these planters have a long 'shelf life', which ensures they maintain both color and shape. They won't warp, crack, bow or fade, offering season after season of reliable use. So reliable are they, the manufacturer provides a 2 year limited warranty. They are also lightweight, making them more portable if you choose to change landscape design schemes. And their depth provides sufficient space for root system growth required by larger flowers, shrubs and tree saplings. Available in two sizes, the Paris comes in 21 inch and 26 inch heights with a 15 inch mouth. Subtle tapering down to the planter's base of a little over 10 inches offers perfect anchoring. Without drainage holes, these outdoor planters can also be used indoors without risk of leaks or spills.

Tall Square Planters Multi-Use

Besides making an elegant statement flanking entrances, the Paris tall flower pots can be clustered tier fashion using both heights to use as a focal point in courtyards, near outdoor water features, and the like. Select from four attractive colors: tomato, linen, taupe and slate to mix and match colors, or select just one color. The perfect stand alone planter, the Paris looks at home no matter where it's set and with most contemporary exterior designs. For additional information about Paris tall pots, please call 800-896-0978 today to speak with a design specialist.