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21in. Paris Tall Square Planter - Tomato

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15"Sq. x 21"H

Show-Stopping Red Tall Planter Boxes

There's a reason that stop signs and fire engines are red. There's just something about that vibrant scarlet color that demands attention. That's why we designed the Paris tall planter boxes in eye-catching Tomato red color. As if their distinctive geometric silhouette wasn't enough to command attention already! When you want outdoor planters that are sure to stop traffic, then our Paris tall resin planters are just the right addition to your outdoor décor. Contemporary form along with cutting-edge color makes these planters the perfect decorative element to really make your façade or entryway pop.

Heavy-Duty Outdoor Garden Containers

Even though this brilliant ruby hue is a far cry from rustic, these planters nonetheless make a lovely addition to your outdoor décor. They add that extra element of modern panache that draws eyes from across the room (or across the parking lot). And they are perfectly safe for outdoor applications because they are made of durable resin. This anti-shock plastic composite material is weather-proof in all conditions, rot-proof, insect-resistant, and fade-proof. You can count on these long-lasting planters not to crack, warp, crumble, or chip, even in heavy traffic commercial applications.

Tall Resin Planters in Your Décor

The Paris collection of tall planter boxes features a simple geometric silhouette. Rectangular with a tapered side and jutting rim, this flower planter is good for adding a vertical element to your decorative scenery. Because of the tapered form this planter takes up a small footprint, even though it has a wide rim and extra-deep planting space. These lightweight pots are ideal for balconies and decks where space and weight limits are a concern. Plant vertical trees, shrubs, and flowers to create an intriguing vertical effect. Add trailing ivies and succulents for a beautiful cascading look. These tall planters are a handsome modern alternative to classic urns when used to flank doorways or line hallways.

15"Sq. x 21"H