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26in. Paris Tall Square Planter - Linen

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15"Sq. x 26"H

Tall Square Flower Planter for Homes and Offices

Nothing says fresh like the combination of live greenery and a creamy off-white Linen-colored planter pot. This tall square flower planter is just the thing for adding elegant beauty to your living or business space. Everybody knows that bringing verdant live plants indoors enhances the scenery in a truly mood-lifting way. And in these subtly sophisticated tapered planters, you have a look that can brighten anyone's day. Our Paris flower and tree planters are made from a durable resin material that is ideal for commercial, outdoor, and heavy traffic applications. They have a classy modern look with an elongated square form and wide, jutting rim. Fill these containers with a mixture of trailing and vertical plants to create an eye-catching focal point.

Heavy-Duty Resin Outdoor Pots

These resin tall outdoor pots are incredibly lightweight but at the same time delightfully durable. Resin is a favorite material for outdoor applications because it will not degrade in wet, sunny, or arid conditions. No amount of moisture will cause these plastic planters to rot, even after many seasons out of doors. Unlike wooden planters they are resistant to insect damage, and unlike ceramic planters they will not crack or shatter due to drastic temperature changes. The inbuilt Linen color will not fade when these planters are installed in direct sunlight on patios or in garden beds.

Design Ideas for Square Planters

Our Paris tall outdoor pots for plants come in two sizes. You can pair this extra-large version with the smaller 21" square planter to create a unified container garden look on your front porch or patio, or in a lobby or dining room. When paired with an identical planter, these tall square pots are a lovely way to greet guests when flanking a doorway, entrance arch, driveway, or garden path. They can also be used to add visual interest to empty hallways and foyers.

15"Sq. x 26"H