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Durante Tall Round Flower Pots

Save space, save time, and save yourself the embarrassment of a boring and poorly decorated front porch or balcony by adding these tall planter pots to your outdoor décor. With the Durante resin and stone planters you can create an entire container garden display that will add loads of curb appeal to your property. These large planters and pots have a simple, sleek design with a dramatically tapered side and wide rim to give them a feeling of weight (even though they are incredibly light). The weathered stone finish completes the look of rustic elegance, adding natural beauty to even city spaces. And one of the best features of these tall flower pots is the self-watering insert that takes all the work out of plant care.

Display these handsome tall planters outdoors or indoors in any spot, in any climate. They are designed with the sturdiness of stone and the flexibility of resin. This composite material makes for a lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant outdoor decorative product. Capable of outdoor use all year long, these planters are resistant to damage incurred from freezing temperatures, excess precipitation, and beating sun exposure. They can also be employed in busy locations, like front porches or office reception areas without fear of accidental breakage.

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11in. Durante Tall Flower Pot - 2 Colors
14in. Durante Tall Flower Pot - 2 Colors

Get the Rustic Look of Stone Planters, but Longer-Lasting

The rustic, natural look of stone has never gone out of style. And with these tall planter pots, it's obvious that it never will. You can keep your Durante planters for many years which is a distinct possibility because of their sturdy construction and never worry about them falling out of fashion. This simple planter is available in either deep brown Teak or classic charcoal Black for a delightfully versatile appeal. From modern city apartments to traditional suburban homes, this planter fits in with all types of décor. And because it is made from a combination of stone and resin you get the luxury of a lighter, sturdier, more long-lasting product than a hefty and fragile all-stone planter. All with a handcrafted look!

Create a Small Space Container Garden Anywhere

Homeowners and renters in urban areas are often looking for a way to add the beauty and joy of container gardening to their homes, even if they only have a few square feet of space to spare. That's what makes these tall tapered planters so attractive. They are pleasingly deep for root systems to grow, but have a very small footprint. These vertical planters can cozy right up to a corner without taking up much space. But don't worry, it will be huge on visual impact! Take advantage of these 19" and 27" tall planters' generous interior space by growing anything from manicured shrubs, to fresh tomatoes, to fragrant herb gardens.

Using the Durante Tall Planters Outdoors

This resin and stone planter is impregnated with UV-inhibitors during the molding process, ensuring that it will resist fading and discoloring in direct-sun applications. Great for the health of your plants! And since you don't have to worry about weather damage, you can place this planter anywhere outdoors for yearlong enjoyment. This self-watering planter comes equipped with a rubber stopper at the bottom, which can be removed when using the planter outdoors. Allow excess rainwater to trickle out so that you never encounter root rot or other damage due to overwatering. The plug can be conveniently stored in top of the planter for safekeeping. Just plug it back in when it's time to move indoors for overwintering plants. Consider sun-loving container plants like columbine, geranium, salvia or delicate blue delphinium flowers for easy-care containers.

Large Planters and Pots for Indoor Applications

Not just for outdoor use, these faux stone planters make a lovely statement with indoor décor. Combine a pair of tall planters to replace those old-fashioned urns in your entryway or hallway, greeting guests with rustic style. Or place one in your kitchen or sunroom to have fresh cooking herbs on hand at all times. When using this self-watering planter indoors make sure to leave the drainage plug in place. It will allow the excess water from waterings to accumulate in the lower reservoir, making sure you plants get a drink even when you are away for a couple days. Just add more water when the soil feels dry. These planters are also a great low-maintenance option for reception areas in hotels, restaurants, and offices. Consider easy-care indoor plants like pothos, diffenbachia, snake plant or a ficus tree.