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Naples Tall Tapered Round Flower Pots

Take your porch and garden décor to new levels with these extra tall outdoor flower pots. They have a definite element of vertical appeal that lends dramatic sophistication to your favorite outside area. Great for small spaces, these balcony planter pots also make a stunning addition to apartment and condo outdoor décor. They have a versatile and simple round tapered design and a beautiful stone-like finish for extra elegance. With the included water-minder system they simply can't be beat.

These handsome tall round planters add a look of upscale distinction to your façade, especially since they have the classic look of real rock. But just because these planters look like stone they won't cause you any of the headache of that natural material. Made from a combination of the two materials, these resin composite planters are delightfully lightweight and durable. Their construction affords them extra resilience in any type of weather, including freezing temperatures. Each Naples planter has built-in UV resistance, too. Place plants in the sunniest spaces without fear of your planters fading.

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5in. Naples Tall Flower Pot
7.5in. Naples Tall Flower Pot
11in. Naples Tall Flower Pot
14in. Naples Tall Flower Pot - Terra Cotta

Sky High Tall Round Planters

When it comes to indoor or outdoor container gardening possibilities, the sky's the limit with these resin and stone planters. And with loads of vertical appeal, these tall round planters will really take your gardening endeavors straight up to the sky. With a slim tapered round silhouette, these tall outdoor flower pots lead the eye upward, creating a dramatic focal point for your front porch or patio. At the same time, their design is simple enough to blend in well with any type of existing exterior décor you may have. Add one to a chic cityscape or a rustic country garden. Carry on the vertical charm of these tall planters by growing sun-reaching plants. Manicured topiary trees and shrubs, long-stemmed flowers, ornamental grasses, and tropical palms all make a stunning statement.

Planters for Small-Space Gardening

Because of their elongated from and small footprint these planters are perfect for small-space gardening. Just because you live in the middle of the concrete jungle it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the relaxation of gardening with these spacious containers. They take up a minimal amount of room on your balcony or terrace, or indoors in your living room or foyer. The extra deep interior space provides plenty of room for root systems to grow. These generously sized planters are available in sizes from 10.5" to 27. 5" in diameter. Choose a few of the taller sizes and use as balcony planter pots for adding privacy. Plant horsetail reeds or shrubs for maximum blockage. These containers are also perfecto for growing trees indoors, or an entire herb garden for your kitchen.

Hassle-Free Faux Stone Garden Pots

Because of their resin and stone composite construction these tall round planters offer you the ultimate in hassle-free container gardening pleasure. They are so durable that they can be used in any indoor or outdoor location any time of the year. Though we recommend bringing them indoors for the winter for the safety of the planter and delicate plants these ArtStone planters are perfectly safe for yearlong outdoor decorative enjoyment. They are resistant to freezing and excess moisture damage. They also will not fade or discolor when placed out on unsheltered patios or in sunny windows.

Using the Self-Watering System

The Water-Minder self-watering feature in each Naples planter ensures that your plants will always get just the right amount of moisture in their soil, even if you are a plant owner who is often away from home. And even if you forget to water for a couple days your plants will still thrive thanks to the sub-irrigation reservoir that conveniently holds excess water. Plants can drink freely through their roots as needed. You'll know when it's time to add more simply by feeling the dryness of the soil (poke your finger about 1" into the soil to test). We include a handy drainage plug in the bottom so that you never have to worry about overwatering. Keep plants indoors or outside without any mess or maintenance. Buy planters online or call toll-free to work with a specialist.