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Naples Tapered Round Flower Pots

Whether you want a smart solution for your container gardening maintenance or simply want to update the look of your outdoor space, our Naples tall garden flower pots have got you covered. Not only are these modern planters and pots incredibly handy for first-time gardeners who are not sure how often or how much to water, but they also add an air of upscale distinction to your porch or balcony. They have a sleek tapered silhouette with a small footprint that makes them great for small-space gardening. A weathered faux-stone finish gives them a uniquely elegant look.

  • 8" to 16" sizes
  • Fade, crack and freeze resistant
  • Waterminder reservoir insert included

Tapered round planters offer the classic good looks of stone or weathered lumber that makes them a welcome addition to rustic and traditional types of outdoor décor. However, they are actually made from a combination of resin and stone that gives them their enduring durability and convenient light weight. These sturdy planters are less likely to crack and crumble than traditional all-stone planters, even when placed outdoors in the elements year-round.

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8in. Naples Planter
Price: $16.85
10in. Naples Planter - 2 Colors
12in. Naples Planter - 4 Colors
14in. Naples Planter - Teak
16in. Naples Planter - 2 Colors

Decorating with Tapered Round Planters

Enjoy many years of decorative pleasure in your favorite outdoor living and entertaining space when you employ a couple of these handsome garden flower pots. Adding planters to your outdoor décor is a great way to totally change the scenery with brightly blooming flowers and vibrant greenery. Transform your patio from a boring brick square to a delightful garden oasis just by adding a few modern planters and pots. Since they are available in a variety of sizes and colors (color choices may vary by size), you can create endless container garden arrangements on your patio, porch, balcony, or deck. These composite stone planters are incredibly lightweight so rearranging them often is no hassle. 

Designed for Easy Plant Care

Whether you want to plant a single basil plant for your kitchen windowsill or a stunning arrangement of succulents, vines and flowers to brighten up your balcony, this versatile planter has got you covered. The deep, round shape of this planter makes it perfect for growing thriving root systems. Meanwhile, the extra wide rim allows for superior gardening ease when it comes time to plant or maintain your container garden. Small-space gardening has never been so attractive with the Naples garden flower pot.

Endurance in Outdoor and Indoor Applications

Even though the Naples tall tapered planter pot offers an elegant stone look you won't have to worry about it deteriorating over time. Since this resin and stone composite planter is weather-resistant you can confidently place it in any unsheltered outdoor space without fear of breaking, warping, or chipping. And since it is naturally UV-resistant you can place it in the sunniest spot you can find without fear of fading or discoloration. Your plants will thank you! For indoor applications, you can grow thriving tropical plants and herbs right in your kitchen or living room window.

Just the Right Amount of Water

The crowning jewel of the Naples planter is its innovative self-watering Water-Minder disc insert. Firmly affixed to the bottom of the planter, this handy little disc allows excess water to collect in a lower reservoir while safely keeping your plant's root system out of the puddle. Instead, plants are allowed to drink at will, ensuring that they will never go thirsty as long as you remember to water every few days. To ensure that too much water does not collect in the reservoir you can remove the rubber plug for easy drainage. This will prevent root rot and other damage to your plants. Store the stopper in the planter for outdoor safekeeping, replacing it when it's time to bring in your plants for overwintering. For indoor applications keep the plug firmly in place to avoid water damage to your floors. The planter can be moved outdoors or over a sink for occasional drainage of excess water. Buy flower pots online or call toll-free to work with a planter expert to find the right container for your plants: 800-896-0978