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Bloomington Trough Planter - Black

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Exterior: 40"L x 15"W x 32"H
Interior: 36.2"L x 11.2"W x 14.5"H

Black Planters with Modern Appeal

Add some visual interest to those wide-open spaces in your house or on your lawn by employing this attractive trough-style vinyl planter. The Bloomington is designed to look as good as it is reliable. With a chic European-inspired modern style, the Bloomington trough planter has the look of a modern sculpture, which is great since you will be displaying it for all to see. In a sleek Black color, these tall narrow planters speak of contemporary elegance. And the bonus is that they serve as excellent privacy screening or room dividers. Take that empty space in your living room, around your patio, or along the front of your home and transform it into a breathtaking focal point with this functional plant box.

Vinyl Planter for Outdoor Life

Though it might look like a modern ceramic sculpture, this long trough planter doesn't have to be treated like a fragile work of art. It is designed with the outdoor world in mind. We know that outdoor planter pots can face a lot of environmental and site-related risks. That's why our all-weather outdoor trough planters are crafted from a high-quality vinyl material, one that is sturdy enough to stand up to whatever life throws at it. Included in the crafting of this planter is: double-wall construction for added strength, ingrained UV-inhibitors to prevent fading and discoloration, and colorant throughout for supreme consistency. Vinyl planters won't become prey to chewing insects and they won't rot due to prolonged exposure.

Planting Suggestions for Tall Narrow Planters

For the ultimate in attractive privacy screening we suggest filling this long trough planter with upright varieties like boxwood shrubs, ornamental grasses, or tropical foliage. You can even fill it with artificial bamboo for a minimalist appeal. Each planter has a false bottom for easy plant maintenance and will hold 17.5 gallons of soil. These planters work beautifully in commercial spaces like restaurants, boutiques, and hotels as well as in homes.

Exterior: 40"L x 15"W x 32"H
Interior: 36.2"L x 11.2"W x 14.5"H