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Bloomington Trough Planters

The best of both worlds, this tall trough planter is both dependable and good looking. Each one is Made in USA from high quality polyethylene and features double wall construction for rigidity. These plant containers also are inherently UV protected for fade resistant beauty that lasts.

  • Holds 17.5 gallons of soil
  • For daily use outdoors and inside
  • Choose from 4 colors
  • Made in USA.

With its slim footprint and tapered rectangular shape, the Bloomington troughs make attractive outdoor space divides. Place your space divider planter box to separate a conversational space from the BBQ area on your patio, or delineate dining spaces on roof decks and other outdoor living spaces in an instant.

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Bloomington Trough Planter - Black
Bloomington Trough Planter - Sandstone
Bloomington Trough Planter - White

Sophisticated Tall Trough Planter

Functional elegance is at your fingertips with the Bloomington tall trough planter for home or garden. A lovely complement to our Bloomington square planters, these long plant containers help to create a stylish, unified look in your indoor or outdoor space. They have a sleek modern silhouette that sets them apart from the rest. This planter features a slim, tapered form that leads down to a decorative foot and has a rolled rim. With a 17.5-gallon soil capacity, the Bloomington makes a spectacular space divider planter box, adding a practical element to your decorative scheme. These long planters can be used to partition off spaces and create privacy screening in an attractive way.

Screening or Space Divider Planter Box

Thanks to their chic modern style, these vinyl planters work well in upscale and trendy business establishments. You can choose one of three subtle colors - Black, Sandstone, or White - to meet any color scheme or decorative needs. For commercial use, these long planters are useful for directing foot traffic, blocking unwanted views, or creating focal points in open areas. They can also be used to create privacy screening on restaurant dining patios or hotel lounges and lobbies. These large planters are also valued by homeowners since they create attractive privacy screening on patios and decks, keeping out the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby.

High-Quality Polyethylene Construction

All of our Bloomington trough and square planters are handmade in the USA using high-quality polyethylene material (LLDPE). They feature a double-wall design that adds extra rigidity and strength, though this material is already impervious to cracking and chipping. Built-in UV-inhibitors ensure a fade-free performance, even in sunny outdoor locations. These all-weather planters are safe for you outdoors all year long, allowing you to bring custom beauty to your façade, lawn, or outdoor living space. Also resistant to rot and insect damage, each Bloomington planter comes with a 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty.