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Bloomington 40 inch Tall Patio Planter - White

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Exterior: 22"L x 22"W x 40"H
Interior(top): 16.5"L x 16.5"W

Chic White Container Garden Pots

Take a touch of classic and adding a sprinkling of chic modern style. What do you get? A versatile planter pot that adds stunning decorative appeal to your interior or exterior space. Easily and gracefully these container garden pots add an instant sense of style to your home or commercial space. They offer a refreshing sense of clean newness with their crisp white color (that is included throughout the material so that you get a look of perfect consistency both inside and out), a hue that truly stands out against any background. These white planters especially make a statement on green lawns.

Made from Vinyl in the USA

Our Bloomington tall patio planters are handcrafted in America using the highest-quality polyethylene material. We designed these planters so that they can be used freely indoors or outdoor all year long without you having to worry about wear and tear. They are simple to maintain, even in the winter. This durable material is ideal for commercial applications since it is resistant to cracking and breaking. Full-sun spaces are acceptable thanks to the built-in UV-protection. Moist locations are also a green light since these vinyl planters won't warp or rot.

Planters for Plants - Real or Artificial

Employ these tall white planters for plants of any type. They have an abundance of soil space- 38-gallons to be exact- and their extra-deep interior promotes the growth of vertically growing root systems. To emphasize the vertical appeal of these planters try adding a miniature fruit or ornamental tree that will lead the eye skyward. Manicured topiaries and palms are also a great option for indoor spaces. If you are looking for a totally maintenance-free solution to add attractive greenery to your indoor space, why not try artificial plants? With the artificial option you can feel free to place these planters in interior rooms and hallways that don't receive sunlight.

Exterior: 22"L x 22"W x 40"H
Interior(top): 16.5"L x 16.5"W