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14" Mondrian Tapered Planter

With the Mondrian Large Tapered Planters, their rotationally molded manufacturing process creates a lightweight anti-shock resin planter designed to last season after season. Providing carefree round pots that are beautiful and elegant, these outdoor resin planters will never crack in the winter or fade in the glare of harsh summer sunlight. Between their durable resin qualities and the fabrication process, their handcrafted artistry protects against ultraviolet rays and sub zero temperatures. In addition, these planter pots top rim is rolled deep to provide added sturdiness and give the look of handcrafted artistry.

The Mondrian outdoor planter comes with pre-drilled holes that provide for effective drainage so your plants root systems remain hydrated without become saturated, preventing root rot or mold. Each Mondrian tapered planter is backed by a 10 year limited warranty by the manufacturer, against fading or cracking, too, so you can be confident your resin planter will provide at least a decade, likely more, of beauty and durability. This makes the Mondrian round tapered planter one smart buy.

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Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Caviar Black
Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Antique Bronze
Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Rust
Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Weathered Greystone
Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Weathered Terra Cotta
Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Citrus
Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Thistle
Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Sage
Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Cider
Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Wasabi
Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Alpine White
Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Mocha
Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Slate
Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Midnight
Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Olive
Mondrian 14in. Tapered Planter - Bark

Mondrian Round Tapered Planters Provide Elegance

The Mondrian Round Tapered Planter provides untold elegance with its wide mouth and narrow base. This sophisticated styling and the resin material it is made from only looks heavy, however, since these outdoor resin planters are actually very lightweight. Yet, although lightweight, they are still remarkably durable and sturdy, providing years of reliable as well as beautiful use. Available in a wide range of sizes, the 14" Mondrian outdoor planters are often incorporated in a group, with larger pots to create a tiered effect. This adds more curb appeal for a unique effect.

Elegant by design, the Mondrian comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes throughout the round pots series. With many standard colors, these outdoor resin planters mimic far heavier material but without the weight - from cool granite planters to warm terra cotta. The rotational manufacturing process creates this stunning effect while resin's anti-shock properties ensure this round tapered planters' durability.

Practical As Well As Elegant

Landscapers, designers, and homeowners love the elegant silhouette of the Mondrian tapered planter. Yet their practical applications are also admired. Backed by a 10 year limited warranty by the manufacturer, Mondrian round pots provide years of durability even beyond their warranty. These containers are perfect for exterior use, and easily placed on hardscapes, in gardens, or anywhere the ground or surface is even and relatively flat. Without a doubt, their long-lasting utility combined with their tapered clean line styling only enhances their lightweight practical application. Ounce for ounce, their economic savings is profound as compared to the heavier materials they are designed to emulate. Plus, they are virtually maintenance free, resisting cracking, chipping, warping, or rotting.

Diverse Colors Reflect the Materials Mondrian Mimics

As mentioned above, the Mondrian 14" tapered planter comes in 5 color options perfectly created to mimic heavier materials. Available in Caviar Black, Antique Bronze, Granite, Rust, Weathered Greystone, and Weathered Terra Cotta, we are confident you can match any color scheme. And even though their color and finish implies heft, the 14" Mondrian is easy to move around, repot with seasonal floral arrangements, or store for later use when nested. For design ideas, set on decks, porches. even on rooftop gardens without compromising stability.

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