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20" Mondrian Tapered Planter

The Mondrian Planters are rotationally molded out of a lightweight anti shock resin that will provide years of carefree beauty and elegance. These Mondrian Planters will never crack in the winter, or fade in the glare of summer, as this material has been fabricated to protect against inclement weather and ultraviolet rays. The top rim of our planters are rolled deep to provide sturdiness and give the look of handcrafted artistry. Pre-drilled drainage holes come on every Mondrian Planter to ensure healthy roots and beautiful plants. Backed by a 10 year limited warranty against fading or cracking.

Mondrian 20in. Tapered Planter - Caviar Black
Mondrian 20in. Tapered Planter - Antique Bronze
Mondrian 20in. Tapered Planter - Rust
Mondrian 20in. Tapered Planter - Weathered Greystone
Mondrian 20in. Tapered Planter - Weathered Terra Cotta
Mondrian 20in. Tapered Planter - Citrus
Mondrian 20in. Tapered Planter - Thistle
Mondrian 20in. Tapered Planter - Sage
Mondrian 20in. Tapered Planter - Cider
Mondrian 20in. Tapered Planter - Wasabi
Mondrian 20in. Tapered Planter - Alpine White
Mondrian 20in. Tapered Planter - Mocha
Mondrian 20in. Tapered Planter - Slate
Mondrian 20in. Tapered Planter - Midnight
Mondrian 20in. Tapered Planter - Olive
Mondrian 20in. Tapered Planter - Bark

Elegant 20" Mondrian Tapered Planter

One of the most versatile garden planters in our collection, the elegant 20" Mondrian Tapered Planter offers up loads of curb appeal for any home exterior. Lightweight and durable, these lovely textured garden pots convey all the heft of clay while being a fraction of its weight. Their understated ridges draw one's eye into the unique color shading, some with a mottled look, appearing as if they were hand crafted by skilled artisans. Sturdy and remarkably strong, the Mondrian resin planter pots top rim further adds to their weighty look. And with the faux marbled motif of some colors, these outdoor planters' appearance is actually increased by this special subtly variegated color process. This insures your outdoor garden decor will definitely draw attention from those in your neighborhood and passersby.

Rugged Resin Planter Pots

Our Mondrian plant containers offer anti shock properties that guarantee a well used and long life. They come with a 10 year limited warranty by the manufacturer, and these garden planters won't rot, crack, bow or fade from the the blistering summer sun or frigid winter temperatures. UV-protected, they preserve their stately color season after season. Rotationally molded, they maintain their shape as well as lightweight functionality, which also makes them easy to move from one location to another. The Mondrian comes with pre-drilled drainage holes but plugs are also available if you wish to use them inside. All of these qualities make for rugged and timeless plant containers that offer great value since they are also very affordable to buy.

Mondrian Garden Planters: A Designer's Dream

The Mondrian planter series comes in numerous earth tone colors, making them a designer's dream. From Caviar Black and Antique Bronze to Citrus, Sage and Cider and beyond, these planters are highly adaptable in conventional home styles as well as cottage, even modern homes. Their Terra Cotta color fools even the most seasoned gardeners, too, looking like heavier more expensive pots even. Plant lush floral displays, wispy grasses, or use for small shrubs, even herb gardens. For additional information and to discuss your next DIY project, call 800-896-0978 to speak with a product specialist today.