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16" Mondrian Tapered Planter

Inspired by the modern art of Piet Mondrian, our tapered planters bring a sense of chic sophistication to any home or garden space. The clean lines and multiple color options provide endless options for your favorite flowers or plants. And because it comes from Hooks and Lattice, you know you will be getting a high-quality product that is as durable as it is beautiful.

We have one of the best selections of resin planters out there. Take some time to browse our catalogue and inspiration galleries, and then give our representatives a call to see what we can do for you. We're here to make it as easy as possible to get the beautiful home or garden space of your dreams.

The 16" Mondrian Tapered Planter is actually made of a lightweight resin - planters are not as heavy as they look and also are made to withstand the elements and not fade under the sun.

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Mondrian 16in. Tapered Planter - Caviar Black
Mondrian 16in. Tapered Planter - Antique Bronze
Mondrian 16in. Tapered Planter - Rust
Mondrian 16in. Tapered Planter - Weathered Greystone
Mondrian 16in. Tapered Planter - Weathered Terra Cotta
Mondrian 16in. Tapered Planter - Citrus
Mondrian 16in. Tapered Planter - Thistle
Mondrian 16in. Tapered Planter - Sage
Mondrian 16in. Tapered Planter - Cider
Mondrian 16in. Tapered Planter - Wasabi
Mondrian 16in. Tapered Planter - Alpine White
Mondrian 16in. Tapered Planter - Mocha
Mondrian 16in. Tapered Planter - Slate
Mondrian 16in. Tapered Planter - Midnight
Mondrian 16in. Tapered Planter - Olive
Mondrian 16in. Tapered Planter - Bark

Quality Tapered Round Planters

Made of the highest-quality materials, our resin planters are designed to withstand the harshest outdoor elements. Even when exposed to harsh summer sun or frigid winter wind, these planters won't fade or crack; they even come with a 10-year limited warranty against damage. We put time and effort into the handcrafted details on each planter, giving them an artisan touch you won't find anywhere else. Each planter also comes with predrilled drainage holes to make your planting and gardening experience as simple as possible.

Stylish Resin Planters

Our tapered round planters have an understated sense of modern style. Although simple in their design, these planters are a perfect representation of modern art and work well in any space. Available in six colors ranging from antique bronze to greystone, you can find the perfect planter for your style and color scheme. The clean lines also provide a blank slate for nearly any kind of flower or plant. Create a chic, modern statement with tall grass or bamboo in a granite planter or add to a natural home with muted flowers in a terra cotta planter. Whatever options you choose, these planters are sure to add a wow factor to your garden.

Multi-use Lightweight Planter Pots

Although these planters look heavy, they are actually made with lightweight resin, giving you the sturdy look of pottery without the bulkiness. Because they are so light, these planters can easily be moved and arranged however you wish, giving you endless design possibilities. Use a single planter with a tall plant as a focal point in a space, clump them together to create a foliage area, or line them along a path or as a room divider. These resin planters truly give you complete design control to create the perfect outdoor space for your needs.