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Knox Fiberglass Tapered Square Planter

When planning landscape and design projects, The Knox Collection of fiberglass garden planters offers superior tapered square style choices. No wonder so many hospitality buyers, civic planners, landscape architects and designers choose Planters Unlimited as their go-to source for decorative and durable outdoor planters. Between our marine-grade fiberglass caliber and overall incomparable quality, a wide range of customization options, and excellent off-the-shelf availability in colors and finishes, there's no need to look any further.

With the tapered square planter version of its straight square counterpart, you will enjoy the same stunning, sleek lines, extruded lips, top and bottom, along with lightweight maneuverability our marine-grade fiberglass has to offer. Also known for its longevity, the tapered squares come in a wide variety of colors--from nine plus standard elegant choices to specific, customized tints and hues to match your plan's color scheme. And if you require further customization, our expert staff can accommodate you, making whatever modification you need, down to the quarter inch--from tall planters to shorter sizes.

Each of these stunning garden pots in the Knox tapered square category come with optional pre-drilled holes designed to wick away excess water so your plants can thrive. Also available and sold separately are snug-fitting self-watering reservoirs that keep your plants hydrated for up to two weeks.

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Knox Fiberglass Tapered Square Planter 30in.L x 30in.W x 30in.H
Knox Fiberglass Tapered Square Planter 30in.L x 30in.W x 42in.H
Knox Fiberglass Tapered Square Planter 36in.L x 36in.W x 36in.H
Knox Fiberglass Tapered Square Planter 36in.L x 36in.W x 42in.H
Knox Fiberglass Tapered Square Planter 42in.L x 42in.W x 42in.H
Knox Fiberglass Tapered Square Planter 48in.L x 48in.W x 48in.H

The Elegant Tapered Square Planter

The Knox Collection's fiberglass tapered square garden planters make stunning additions to any landscape design. With beauty and elegance, these outdoor planters make a statement when incorporated in many venues--from civic auditoriums to commercial buildings, flanking entryways, or clustered in artistic staggered height arrays. When filled with colorful flowers or greenery, these tapered square planters can also serve as patio boundaries, line walkways to direct foot traffic, and much more. Whatever your application calls for, the tapered squares add both function and beauty.

Forever Fiberglass

Yet, another quality of the Knox Collection's tapered square planter pots is the material from which they are manufactured. Our marine-grade fiberglass is the highest grade available. As such, it is all but guaranteed to last well into the future. Known for its toughness, it is also flexible however, which allows our skilled craftsmen to customize most any aspect of planter structure. If your plan requires tall planters beyond our standard sizes, just let us know and we can make modifications. And fiberglass withstands weather extremes exceedingly well without damage or breakdown, from frigid temperatures to searing heat.

Fabulous Finish

Besides durability, longevity, and lightweight advantages, the tapered square planters in the Knox Collection can be custom finished. While the smooth sheen of the flat patina is ideal for adding logos or other branding identification, we also offer diverse metal coatings to imitate almost any material, providing unlimited design possibilities for your project. And with a myriad of color options available beyond the standard, terra cotta, dove, dark grey, burgundy, adobe, black, or white, you can be assured of a unique planter not duplicated elsewhere.

Keeping Plants Hearty And Healthy

Each of the tapered square planter pots come with pre-drilled holes for drainage. Perfectly placed in the center of the planter, they wick away excess water so plant roots stay healthy. If preferred, planters can be ordered without drainage or with custom drip trays for indoor placement. Also available and sold separately, are self-watering reservoir systems that can keep your flowers and foliage hydrated up to two weeks, saving staff time and money on your budget.