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Valencia Tapered Square Planters

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Valencia Tapered Planters

The Valencia Tapered Square gives landscape architects and interior designers the dual benefits of a solid, square footprint planter with the added elegance of an attractively tapered shape. The result is a versatile, high quality commercial planter ideally suited for situations that require added height to highlight or showcase greenery, without the totally boxy profile of a completely straight and typically vertical square design.

Use the Valencia Tapered Square to raise and uplift the look of any space, whether it be a deck, balcony, sidewalk, stairway, stairwell landing, patio, courtyard, lobby, or foyer. The rather tall and tapered profile makes an ideal setting for vertical plants and trees. But it also works well and has the necessary height for plants that grow in a downward cascade over the sides of the planter. Indoors the Valencia Tapered Square is a fine choice for rooms with high or vaulted ceilings that deserve to be highlighted and accentuated, or for interior courtyards with fountains or skylights. Call for availability and prices. 888-320-0626

24" Square x 18" High Valencia Tapered Planter
36" Square x 30"H Valencia Tapered Planter
36" Square x 36"H Valencia Tapered Planter
Outdoors this commercial planter easily and effectively raises flowers and other greenery up off the ground for a more classically upscale look. The Valencia Tapered Square has a generous space inside for planting, but the footprint does not take up more than its fair share of ground or floor space. The tapered profile is also the right choice when architectural styles require a strong-shouldered square or angular planter but you want to add some stylish variation to that linear theme. Plus the taller sized versions make it easier for groundskeepers to attend to plants without having to stoop and bend.

The Valencia Tapered Square comes in different finish choices and a whole assortment of colors that cover an entire spectrum of earthen shades and tones. There are also numerous size options to fit any layout or plan. Not only is the Valencia Tapered Square highly flexible and adaptable, it is also a first-rate commercial grade planter designed and engineered for rugged performance without cracking, fading, leaking or loss of its superior structural integrity and handsome appearance.