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Glendon Tapered Square Planters

A Glendon Square Tapered Planter is form that flows from function. As resin planter boxes with an always low-maintenance temperament, each of these square planters is a rotationally molded piece that is - first and foremost - a home for healthy plant growth. Holes for drainage are already drilled, so containers come ready to plant.

Made from lightweight anti-shock resin, these tapered square planters have double wall construction that is uniform throughout its entire body. With a sleek square footprint that widens out in a tapered planter silhouette, the outline of the Glendon is simultaneously eye-catching and understated. On top of visual appeal, these resin planter boxes possess the gift of longevity in the garden. They require no special treatment or attention, so your efforts can focus where they should: on growing beautiful plants and flowers for a lovely home exterior.

The Glendon Square Planters come in two sizes and your choice of a black or bronze finish. Click on products below for more details.

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Glendon 16in. Tapered Square Planter - Antique Bronze
Glendon 20in. Tapered Square Planter - Antique Bronze
Glendon 16in. Tapered Square Planter - Caviar Black
Glendon 20in. Tapered Square Planter - Caviar Black
Glendon 16in. Tapered Square Planter - Mocha
Glendon 20in. Tapered Square Planter - Mocha
Glendon 16in. Tapered Square Planter - Rust
Glendon 20in. Tapered Square Planter - Rust
For lightweight and durable resin planter boxes with an arresting tapered planter silhouette, the Glendon is a harmonious merger of form and function. As cleanly designed square planters with a dramatic tapering detail, these rotationally molded pieces hold up well in terms of appearance and utility. Constructed and shipped as a ready to plant container, each is also fitted with appropriate drainage holes for healthy gardening.

The Glendon Tapered Planter - also available in a round shape - is a part of a collection of anti-shock resin planter boxes. Made using a rotational molding procedure that encourages sturdy and uniform construction, these square planters are offered for online order in two standard sizes: 16" or 20" diameter at the container opening. As a tapered planter, the mouth is slightly wider than the footprint for a sophisticated outline that guides the eye from bottom to top. Add on diverse plant choices for a rich profile of color, texture and height.

In addition to size, Glendon Tapered Square Planters can also be created in a choice of bronze or black finish. In either color, resin planter boxes are fabricated to have a uniform color profile throughout - including both the inside and outside of the container. Tones are further enhanced by the slight grooving detail on each container's outside walls and at the opening, a deep rolled top lip provides a strong finish that naturally lends itself to presentation of vertically springing flowers, grasses and small shrubs.

Perhaps the best thing about these containers is that they are a functional home for plants that also manages to engage the eye below the blooming. In other words, a square tapered planter in the Glendon design looks attractive enough that you notice the base, but it never draws to much focus away from the real highlight - your plants. Also, with a desirable contemporary style this planter is easy to incorporate into a range of existing landscapes. Particularly at home on hardtop surfaces, a Glendon looks great on a rooftop terrace or a suburban front porch. See what it can bring to your home and garden, and order online today.

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