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Composite Tapered Urban Chic Planter Box

As a modern planter gushing with sophistication, our Composite Tapered Urban Chic Planter Box is a dream for contemporary homes. These urban planters bring an eye-catching accent to porches, decks and patios whether in a city center or stylish suburban residence.

At Hooks and Lattice, we see each Composite Tapered Urban Chic Planter Box as a sophisticated style ally. We're proud to present this modern planter for fashionable homeowners with a keen design eye. Constructed out of wood-like cellular PVC, these urban planters are also durable and will stand up to harsh weather in outdoor applications. Fill PVC planters with simple green plants or blooming flowers and even pair them with our Composite Tapered Urban Chic Window Boxes.

The Composite Tapered Urban Chic Planter Box is available for online order in the standard sizes below. For details on custom-sized planters or assistance with your order please call toll free: 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.

18in. Tapered Urban Chic Premier Deck Planter No Feet | 18in. W x 18in. H
24in. Tapered Urban Chic Premier Deck Planter No Feet | 18in. W x 24n. H

For fashionably urban planters, Hooks and Lattice is proud to feature the Composite Tapered Urban Chic Planter Box with its clean, catchy silhouette. This modern planter style embodies an easy sophistication achieved through a spot-on combination of simple, yet artistic lines and angles.

The body of these contemporary planters begins with a sturdy footprint. From there, the Composite Tapered Urban Chic Planter Box earns its name by opening up into a slightly obtuse angle at each corner. This design quality gives each modern planter box its signature tapered silhouette that enables a delicate vertical draw of your eye.

As urban planters intended for contemporary aesthetics, it was also important to create these containers from a material that ensures form will always follow function. For a usable planter designed to stand up impeccably well outside, we turned to Premier Composite PVC. With composite PVC planters, our customers are guaranteed a product that will look wonderful over multiple planting seasons with virtually no maintenance necessary.

Our PVC planters in the form of the Composite Tapered Urban Chic Planter Box take on a look similar to painted wood, but with a somewhat sleeker finish. This polished appearance further reinforces the feel of urban planters that you might find on a penthouse terrace, in the lobby of a trendy boutique hotel, or framing the entryway of a downtown loft. Contemporary planters this versatile and affordable are hard to come by anywhere else.

By clicking on individual Composite Tapered Urban Chic Planter Box sizes above, you will be able to view more details on size dimensions. Each modern planter has a sturdy square footprint and is able to handle a variety of outdoor planting. Simple green plants, grasses, bamboo or eucalyptus offer a beautiful complement to the clean lines of the container. On the other hand, brilliant flowering bushes, vines or even succulents can add interesting depth to your shape and color profile.

For questions on these or other urban planters from Hooks and Lattice or to discuss a custom project, we invite you to call us toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.