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For a focused light stream, task floor lamps and desk task lighting set your studying, reading and working areas aglow. On the whole, task lights are designed to aim illumination at smaller spaces. Where a particular undertaking is made easier or possible by light, task lamps become valuable fixtures to employ.

Task lights available from Hooks and Lattice come in both desk and floor lamp styles. With a unique offering of desk task lighting like gooseneck and Banker's Lamps, a range of design and functionality requirements are met. And to illuminate your favorite chair, couch or desk spaces without use of a table, task floor lamps extend up and over to bend light your way.

Contemporary and traditional task lights are all featured from this convenient online category. Whether illuminating the study in a modern loft, or looking for a new desk lamp to give as a gift to a work colleague, Hooks and Lattice has something to suit any purpose in terms of function or style.

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Floor Standing Gooseneck Lights
Gooseneck Floor Lamp - Vintage Brass
LED Gooseneck Floor Light - Bronze
LED Gooseneck Floor Task Light - Chrome
Desk Top Gooseneck Lights
Gooseneck Desk Task Light - Bronze
Gooseneck Task Light - Silver
Gooseneck LED Task Light - Bronze
LED Gooseneck Light - Chrome Finish
Classic Extended Head Desk Lamp - Brushed Steel
Large Shade Gooseneck Light - Antique Brass
Large Shade Desk Lamp - Brushed Steel
Contemporary Desk Light - Vintage Copper
Contemporary Desk Light - Brushed Steel
Contemporary LED Desk Lamp - Nickel
Modern LED Desk Lamp - Black
Traditional Desk Task Lamp - Oil Rubbed Bronze
Traditional Banker style Desk Lamp - Oil Rubbed Bronze
Vintage Bankers Desk Light - Vinage Copper
Asian Inspired Task Light - Oil Rubbed Bronze
Floor and desk task lighting helps to achieve a needed glow for work, study and reading spaces. By shedding a focused trajectory, task lights not only light up the area where you need it, but they also keep surrounding areas relatively free from unneeded brightness. This makes task floor lamps and desk lamps a wonderful way to point and focus light just where you want it.

In the above section, our online customers will find task lights to suit a range of needs. Whether you want desk task lighting that is also decorative, or task floor lamps to reach up and over a living room chair, this product assortment has you covered. We have assembled everything from traditional banker's desk lamps, to modern and energy efficient LED floor lamps.

Many of these designs - floor and desk task lighting included - feature gooseneck arms or lamp head pivots that are easy to bend and adjust. This design allows for anyone utilizing the lamp to manipulate light and reach a desired point or trajectory. For jewelry-making, reading, knitting or doing homework, task lights are invaluable to keeping focus. Proper lighting also helps to reduce strain on the eyes and minimize the onset of headaches and other vision-related maladies.

Whether you're looking to brighten up a corner of your home office or cherished reading space you can count on Hooks and Lattice to offer a wide diverse selection of task lamp solutions. From desk task lighting in vintage designs, to contemporary task floor lamps with energy efficient wiring. This assortment of products offers it all with the convenient option to shop and buy online.

For more information on individual task lights, please click on the products above. Descriptions will include measurements, materials used, lamping information and also colors and finishes. Product availability and shipping lead times are also noted. For any questions not answered online, Hooks and Lattice also offers assistance over the phone toll free. Our knowledgeable team of representatives will offer assistance with product questions, ordering, and other customer service inquiries.