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Square Terrarium - Rainbow Flowers w/ Keychain

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Forever Flowers - Something They've Never Seen
Tired of the same old predictable and overdone gifts? When it comes time for a birthday, housewarming, anniversary, or special day for that special someone, we've got just the right thing to show just how much you care. Give your loved one something as delightfully unique as they are with this precious glass terrarium kit. Two gifts in one, our square terrarium set comes with one tabletop terrarium with flowers and one mini terrarium keychain. With this gift you're guaranteed to give a decorative accent they don't already have a dozen of. We call these forever flowers because they are dried/preserved and will bloom and rebloom when moistened.

Dainty Decor for Small Spaces and Offices
The small square terrarium is the perfect size for bringing a touch of floral fun to tight spaces. If you don't have room for a conventional large terrarium, this little beauty is a good way to still quench your terrarium thirst. Measuring about two inches square, this petite glass container fits perfectly on a classroom or front reception desk, in cluttered office cubicle, on a bathroom vanity, a windowsill, or a kitchen counter top. Or if you or someone you know is a terrarium fanatic, this little gem is a great addition to your collection, adorning a table, shelf or curio cabinet alongside other terrariums of various sizes. What an interesting decorative display!

Take Your Terrarium Along
More than just a glass cube, each mini square terrarium comes prefilled with a colorful floral arrangement. The bottom of the terrarium is filled with a vibrant green grass for the base. Added on top of the grass as if they are a living growing bouquet are a bountiful bunch of colorful little flowers. These real, dried flowers have been dried to ensure that they will last for years and years. No watering needed! As a special gift to you, we also add a matching terrarium keychain filled with grass and your choice of colored flowers. Now you can take a piece of your terrarium anywhere you go!

2.25"L x 2.25"W x 2.25"H

0.75" Dia. x 2"H