Portland Sand and Sea Mason Jar Terrarium Kit

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There's More Than One Way to Garden

People often think of needing lots of space and free time to have a garden. Gardening doesn't just mean planting things in dirt, watering daily and moving to find better light if necessary. There are many different ways a person can experience the joy of gardening. It also doesn't require a massive backyard or dedicated room. One example are DIY terrarium kits. These structures will protect and nourish a variety of plants and flowers while taking up little space. So even if you live in a cramped apartment you can enjoy taking care of your prized flowers and plants, right in your windowsill.

Terrariums Explained

A terrarium is a self-contained plant environment that is as easy to maintain as it is attractive. Our mason jar terrarium gift kits are exactly how they sound, they are gardens in a jar. The kit includes everything you would need to get started including reindeer and sphagnum moss, sea glass, gravel, sand and the jar. All you have to do is add your favorite plant such as a succulent or other desert or air plant. The terrarium requires minimum upkeep - just water once in awhile - so once you have everything going it will thrive.

Decorate and Enjoy

Terrariums can be placed practically anywhere but they make particularly lovely table centerpieces. Place them in the center of your dining room table or show them off on bookshelves or bars. You can add them to either interior or exterior decor to add style to a space and because they are so easy to maintain, having several of them is not only an option, you just might find it's a requirement. And don't forget they also make great gift ideas and are an ideal way to help a young person gain an appreciation for gardening.

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Height 7"
Diameter 3.5"
Material Glass
Shape Jar
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