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Exterior Shutters

For exterior shutter styles in all the classic charms, in a range of popular materials, the Exterior Shutters online category at Hooks and Lattice is a comprehensive selection of outdoor window shutters.

Choose from exterior shutter styles like Board and Batten, Raised Panel, Louvered and other designer outdoor window shutters. We also offer options in a range of attractive and durable materials like vinyl, fiberglass, composite and real wooden Exterior Shutters in cedar.

Choose timeless Louvered Exterior Shutters in cedar for a traditional residential aesthetic. Or, choose exterior shutter styles that have enjoyed popularity in contemporary homes, like the Board and Batten design. Each of our outdoor window shutters, regardless of style, is offered in different materials and a range of brilliant colors. Click on individual product icons for more details.

For questions on the Exterior Shutters seen online, or to discuss custom orders, please call toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.

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Exterior Shutters
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Louvered Exterior Shutters
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Outdoor window shutters add refinement to residential exteriors, and the selection of exterior shutter styles from Hooks and Lattice reflects various design aesthetics. Available in a range of materials and sizes, the Exterior Shutters online category at Hooks and Lattice is your one-stop shop for outdoor window treatments.

Exterior Shutters are a simple addition to any fašade, but they pack a huge amount of design power in adding to the character of your home. Windows become a focal point rather than an aside with the right outdoor window shutters, especially when combined with window boxes and other container planters. Think of homes you note as you drive by, and surely you'll be able to identify many with attractive, aptly colored exterior shutters.

Our customers will find exterior shutter styles in a range of classic choices, in addition to other Designer Exterior Shutters. Browse the convenient online category below to find designs like Board and Batten, Raised Panel, Louvered, Bahama and other combination exterior shutter styles.

Having become one of the most popular selections in recent years, the Board and Batten Exterior Shutters found here are available in three different materials: vinyl, composite or cedar. Depending on the material chosen, most shutters are able to be painted in a range of hues so each customer can create subtle or boldly colored outdoor window shutters. This style translates in virtually any type of architecture and landscape, a fact that has contributed to its gained esteem.

For homeowners with a highly traditional exterior, Hooks and Lattice offers the established Raised Panel and Louvered exterior shutter styles. Also available in various materials, customers can choose from durable fiberglass or composite, or from the more traditional real wood outdoor window shutters. Again, depending on the material and painting specifications, most Exterior Shutters can be ordered in a choice of different colors.

Shop our other miscellaneous Exterior Shutters to find unique designer styles including our Bahama Exterior Shutters and option featuring abstract patterns. There is also the Combination Exterior Shutters that fuse the Louvered and Raised Panel designs.

For more information on Exterior Shutters available online from Hooks and Lattice, or to receive a quote on a custom order, please call us toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.