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Raised Bed Gardens, Plant Stands, Obelisks & Trellises

Elevate your level of gardening, literally, with Raised Bed Gardens, Plant Stands, Obelisks and Trellises from Hooks and Lattice. Available for convenient online ordering, each of the outdoor plant stands found in this category is a simultaneously functional and charming way to liven up your landscape.

Gardening in raised beds is a popular way to grow herbs, vegetables and flowering plants. These outdoor plant stands create a workbench and planting space all in one and make for a lovely and operative project area. With smart combinations of Raised Bed Gardens, Plant Stands, Obelisks and Trellises, the Hooks and Lattice gardener can create a multifaceted outdoor paradise like no other.

Add layers of depth to your garden with outdoor plant stands, including the Raised Bed Gardens, Plant Stands, Obelisks and Trellises found here, available for convenient and safe online ordering.

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From Hooks and Lattice, the Raised Bed Gardens, Plant Stands, Obelisks and Trellises in this category are a comprehensive selection of outdoor plant stands and other display options. Gardening in raised beds and other elevated solutions are an innovative way to add depth in landscaping.

The outdoor plant stands available here start with our category of Raised Bed Gardens. By clicking on the icon below, our customers will find a range of styles for gardening in raised beds. From growing tables and benches, to Raised Bed Gardens designed for placement right in the yard or other landscaping spaces, each of the attractive styles found here is a great way to achieve added planting space.

Beyond Raised Bed Gardens, if you already have planters requiring insertion into the garden other than placement on a deck railing or on the ground, decorative plant stands are a great way to go. Hooks and Lattice offers a selection of eye-catching options made from popular garden materials like wrought iron and a charming antique brown iron. Outdoor plant stands are sold in options both with and without accompanying planters.

For garden accents that add some verticality to planting, explore the Obelisks and Trellises found in this category. Starting with our Trellises and Vertical Gardening compilation, our customers will find options from large garden screens to a quaint, single pot garden trellis. Whether you plan to plant climbing vines or simply need a nice backdrop for your other plants, a trellis is a wonderful landscape supplement.

Obelisks and Trellises from Hooks and Lattice also include combined obelisk trellises. In their regal, eye-catching silhouette, obelisk trellises add height and design value to your container gardening. Place them throughout your garden beds, along deck space or on front porch steps. The obelisk trellises found in this collection are sold for single potted arrangements and make a beautiful backdrop on their own, or as a guide for climbing plants.

Browse outdoor plant stands in this convenient online category of Raised Bed Gardens, Plant Stands, Obelisks and Trellises. To discuss your unique project or for help with a secure online order, please call us toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.