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Weathervanes, Thermometers & Clocks

The Home accent section of the Hooks and Lattice website contains outdoor wall clocks, thermometers, weathervanes, address plaques and carriage style gate and garage door hardware.  All Hooks and Lattice home accent products are chosen to help our customers improve the Curb Appeal of their homes.  

As more and more people purchase homes that are based on model home designs the need to differentiate you home with your unique style has increased.  This is the reason that many of our Hooks and Lattice customers are investing in home accents such as address plaques, wall clocks, outdoor thermometers and carriage style gate and garage door hardware.

Address Plaques
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Outdoor Clocks &Thermometers
Marry beauty for your home to practical needs like outdoor thermometers and clocks (many care both), address plaques and weathervanes. Well, maybe you don't absolutely need a weathervane, but they are lovely and fun.

Who doesn't want an outdoor thermometer for a quick check on what to wear? An exterior thermometer can also be a benchmark for those pesky desires children have to go without a coat or wear shorts once it hits 40. Cut down on those "because I said so" discussions when you're trying to get everyone ready to go.

You will be delighted with the aesthetics offered by our large collection of outdoor thermometers and exterior clocks. In many areas, durability through winter is a challenge. Each of our collection of exterior clocks and outdoor thermometers is fashioned from aluminum to prevent rust. They are then finished in a host of top quality paints, creating looks from metals to terra cotta and stone. Each design is etched for a bas relief finish, adding richness to our outdoor clocks and exterior thermometers. And the design choices are simply divine, from classical to contemporary. Enjoy a tour to find your own favorite.

Highly visible address plaques are important as well as an attractive addition to a home or yard. How many times have you cruised up and down a block because there's no visible address plaque? That may be fine on a lovely day, but not at night or in a storm. Address plaques are also vitally important should police or EMTs need to reach your home - they can't tell which house is which without signage, either.

Last, we have weathervanes for every setting on your property - from the summerhouse to 48" weathervanes suiting the largest of homes. Get roof, garden and other mounts from us with your weathervane.