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Proper window box installation is important for curb appeal, product performance, and safety. That's why, at Hooks & Lattice, we will never "leave you hanging" before you hang a window box purchased from our comprehensive collection! Conveniently link to a range of instructions, right here from our website.

Below, find guidelines to install a window box in various materials, and also install guides for reservoir inserts and best practice PVC Window Box painting. While we are happy to provide window box installation guidelines for our passionate do-it-yourselfers, Hooks & Lattice also urges our DIY customers to consider all project factors and safety disclaimers before attempting to hang a window box without professional assistance.

Before you purchase and install a window box, feel free to consult with one of our friendly home and garden experts. They can offer suggestions based on your home, mounting surface and goals for container gardening.

You can reach Hooks & Lattice customer service at
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Before you hang a window box, check out our window box installation guidelines and other product procedures. The key to charming curb appeal and a happy garden is to have a working system in place, so when it comes time to install a window box, Hooks & Lattice wants to help make sure our customers get the most out of our planting containers.

While a window box installation is an achievable do-it-yourself project, Hooks & Lattice kindly reminds our customers that to hang a window box efficiently it is necessary to utilize the right tools and procedure. For this reason we ask that, before deciding to install a window box on a DIY basis, you read all disclaimers and consider each aspect of the project carefully. If a DIY window box installation is decided upon, we suggest working with at least one other person, employing safe lifting techniques and always maintaining caution in your workspace. For a professional window box installation, a handyman or licensed contractor is a smart option.

In addition to guidelines on how to hang a window box purchased online at Hooks & Lattice, we also offer an installation guide for self-watering reservoir inserts. Some of the planters featured on our website have built-in self-watering irrigation systems, while others require a supplemental reservoir available for separate purchase. Self-watering reservoirs are an easy-to-use tool for lower maintenance container gardens that maintain a healthy level of saturation virtually on their own.

Most of our guidelines on how to install a window box address outdoor applications on building exteriors made from wood, stucco, HardiBoard, vinyl, brick, stone or masonry. For the latter three, additional mounting materials such as lag bolts may be necessary to support the weight of a filled window box. All DIY'ers please note that an improper window box installation could potentially be hazardous to people or property.

Please click applicable links above to view tools needed, materials, step-by-step written directions and accompanying photos for different window box installation projects. For PVC containers that need to be painted, click on, "Painting PVC Window Boxes," for best practice and material guidelines.

For one-on-one phone assistance from a friendly Hooks & Lattice expert, your toll free call is welcome at 1-800-896-0978 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).