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Outdoor Artificial Cone Topiary

Add artful greenery to landscapes with artificial topiary tree designs. Based on the beloved horticultural art form, our cone topiary plants take on the same sophistication without the live plant hassles. This boxwood tree features densely woven foliage structured on a grid of sturdy iron. Ready for radiant, lasting outdoor display.

Each boxwood tree is built for exterior application with foliage that is UV-rated and rot resistant. Cone topiary plants also feature lifelike color, shape and texture, so shaped hedges are easy to match with other living greenery. Use to line walkways, accent courtyards or as a centerpiece for common outdoor seating areas. An artificial topiary tree is also great for added privacy on patios, decks and terraces.

Combined style and durability makes topiary trees in faux form a shoo-in for traditional and contemporary settings alike, in commercial and residential applications. Timeless appeal and carefree use yield a plant choice that never goes out of style.

Interested in artificial topiaries or need a custom topiary plant? Call to inquire:

4' Cone Topiary - Outdoor
5' Cone Topiary - Outdoor
6' Cone Topiary - Outdoor
5' Cypress Cone Topiary - Outdoor
6' Cypress Cone Topiary - Outdoor

Capture the premier form of living sculpture with boxwood tree designs. Here, the art of topiary is captured in the form of vibrant outdoor artificial plants. The resulting boxwood topiary is lifelike, low-maintenance and provides a budget-friendly alternative to live planting. A truly dynamic option for professional designers and the clients they serve.

Broad Appeal, Limited Maintenance

Boxwood trees are a universally loved style and work well for modern or classic applications. From an urban restaurant patio, to the courtyard of a French Country estate, designer artificial topiary trees add a hint of extra sophistication that always feels fresh and relevant. And cone-shaped topiaries are great for drawing the eye upward to accent architecture or redirect attention away from problematic or bare areas of a landscape.

As for maintenance, outdoor artificial boxwood topiaries are a smart design alternative that yields long-term budget savings. Whereas live topiary plants need to be cultivated and trained with regular pruning, faux boxwood cones always keep their elegant shape. No need for a resident green thumb or professional gardener on staff.

Nowhere To Go But Upward

Shaped into a tall cone, topiary plants take on excellent vertical dimension. Ideal for display as a courtyard centerpiece or in groups to cluster around a patio, entryway or walking path. Each artificial topiary tree is formed using a durable iron grid that stays hidden beneath rich, green foliage. This format provides the needed structure and strength for lasting outdoor displays and iron is powder coated for superior rust resistance. Sounds like years of effortless curb appeal for both residential and commercial properties alike.

Commercial-Grade, Custom Options

Artificial topiary cone trees are rated for commercial exterior use and feature all-around weather protection. Realistic foliage is UV-protected to safeguard against fading, and high-grade faux plant materials are also highly resistant to rot. In addition to the styles and sizes featured online, Artificial Plants Unlimited can also create custom outdoor topiary plants. Choose artificial boxwood topiaries in most any unique shape, all on a scale to fit your project - just call toll free.