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Windswept Tree Eight Votive Candle Holder

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Illuminate Walls and Rooms in Style
A decorative wall hanging that doubles as a light source, our windswept tree votive candle holders are so much more than just home décor. Add an ambient glow from the eight tea lights held in one of these wall candle holders while also sprucing up the style of your interior space. Whether you are going for a rustic nature vibe or a romantic moody feel, this windswept tree fills your decorative desires perfectly. A unique exclusive to our Hooks & Lattice collection, this votive candle holder is sure to be a crowd pleasing piece you won't see anywhere else.

Design Details
Whimsical and fun, this one-of-a-kind wall art depicts a leafy willow-type tree caught in a gust of wind. Made from hand-worked dark metal, these wall candle holders feature dozens of little leaves upon slender branches. Looking at this tree you can almost feel the wind ruffling your hair. Beautifully fulfilling so many of the elements of design in one simple piece, this lovely tree embodies a sense of motion, balance, texture, and light. Gracefully curved branches lead the eye as twinkling little lights shine like fireflies at night. Green-tinted miniature jars can accommodate eight tea light candles.

Covering Lage Walls
Over three feet in length and two feet in height, this magical wall hanging is sure to be the first thing to catch visitors' eyes when they enter the room, especially in the evening when the candles are lit. Because of its large size, this wall hanging makes a big statement as a stand-alone piece on blank walls, not crowded by other artwork. Hang this windswept tree on a dining room or living room wall to add a dramatic forest elegance. Or hang it in a foyer for a stunning greeting. The color of this metal art also fits beautifully hanging over a stone or brick fireplace.

41"L x 4.5"W x 27"H