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Make a nature-inspired statement with tree wall art pieces, brought to you online by Hooks and Lattice. Here we feature metal wall art with trees depicted in likenesses of the mighty oak, leaves that look like they've been collected and preserved, and other abstract designs. Nature inspires each piece of tree wall decor and that translates into an array of unique art to choose from.

Metal tree wall decor featured here primarily features designs on a larger size scale that are intended as accent pieces. Above fireplaces, in a foyer, and in a bedroom, metal wall art with trees can appeal to a range of design tastes. You don't have to be a nature lover to love tree wall art because the silhouettes and colors are interesting in and of themselves. We even feature a design that incorporates candleholders throughout the many tree branches that reach and curve to form a sort of abstract tree sconce.

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Windswept Tree Eight Votive Candle Holder
93"W x 41"H Mighty Oak Tree Wall Decor
Price: $299.95
Sale Price: $249.95
Metal Tree Wall Art
Price: $349.85
Woven Sea Grass Topiary Wall Art
Potted Spiral Topiary Wall Decor
Potted Tole Tree Wall Decor
Double Ball Topiary Wall Decor
Antique White Tole Tree Topiary in Planter
Potted Pear Tree
Price: $349.85
Verdigris Double Ball Topiary in Urn
Verdigris Spiral Topiary in Urn
Branch and Berry Wall Art
Burnished Tree of Life Wall Decor
Tree wall decor bursts to life on your walls, from tropical palms and other flora to magnificently styled creations of favorite landscape trees in colder climates such as our mighty oak metal tree wall art. The oak style even offers leaves in bronze and copper tones, or richly burnished green.

From formal to informal and natural to a bit of fantasy, our metal wall art with trees fits any setting in your home or office. Generously sized and attractively priced, tree wall art is sure to add excitement and a fresh sense of style. Invigorate your foyer, great room or a sunroom with tree wall decor. Interior designers who work on commercial and corporate spaces will also enjoy the colors and sophisticated silhouettes found in these nature-inspired designs.

We often gaze at graceful arbors outside that are framed by our windows. Tree wall art embodies that same feeling of natural beauty we absorb and even the wanderlust that comes with a stroll in the park or a journey into the forest. Metal wall art with trees is enchanting with depictions of delicate leaves shaded in tones of gold, bronze, silver, and green with a pearl finish on the lovely scrolled branches of our metallic leaf tree wall decor. Other fanciful choices include candle holders, adding still another intriguing element of light, shadow and sheen to multicolored metal leaves and sprawling branches.

Vibrant leaf depictions also make an appearance here with tropical leaves displayed in the form of metal wall art - no two leaves are alike in color or detail. For a similarly natural vibe, Hooks and Lattice also offers other wall hangings inspired by the great outdoors and animal kingdom. Click on our comprehensive Wall Art and Wall Decor category to explore more options, including styles that would pair up nicely with tree wall art styles.

Please click on individual products above for more details on size, pricing and estimated shipping time. Each product is a considered to be a large or oversized hanging that is intended for larger walls with adequate support. We encourage our customers to hang with care for long-lasting and safe enjoyment.