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Dao 16in. Modern Triangle Planter - Vintage Copper

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16"L x 16"W x 10"H

Distinct Modern Planter Design

Among all of our modern style planter designs, we have to say that the Dao is one of our favorites. With a unique curved triangular shape that is refreshingly low key and a smooth glossy finish, these Vintage Copper contemporary planters draw impressed glances without even trying. Who would have thought that such a simple silhouette could be packed with so much character? The Dao planter draws inspiration from ancient Asian design combined with today's most in-demand style trends. These modern plant pots have an organic, earthy feel to them that goes perfectly with bright fresh greenery. Spruce up your office or living room with the simple addition of a potted plant!

Innovative Resin Construction

Innovative in design and innovative in construction, our Dao contemporary planters take out all the stops when it comes to a sturdy outdoor container that will outlast any weather. With this low triangle planter you get the handmade beauty of smooth ceramic with the durable advantage of composite plastic material. These all-weather planters are safe to use on your patio, balcony, deck, or porch in any conditions. From dry desert climates, to windy shores, to blustery mountaintops, this resin flower pot will stand strong. Unlike ceramic or terra cotta it will not crack due to drastic temperature changes. It will not warp or rot in extremely wet conditions. This planter is even fade-proof in direct sunlight, keeping that brilliant Vintage Copper hue for years to come.

Residential or Commercial Contemporary Planters

Our Dao contemporary planters make a welcome appearance in private homes, in addition to, commercial and public settings because they are so resilient. Double-wall construction ensures that they will be extra sturdy and also helps to insulated growing plants within. Even in busy commercial settings like shopping malls, restaurants, boutiques, and hotels, these anti-shock planters can withstand accidental bumps and topples. Use them to bring some fresh green life into lobbies, offices, hallways, dining rooms and patios.

16"L x 16"W x 10"H