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Dao Modern Triangle Planters

Dao Contemporary Triangle Shaped Planters provide enormous reliability with their rugged resin composite double walled construction. Made using the highest grade resin materials, these lightweight outdoor planters are both attractive and highly resilient. And their modern good looks enhance even their functionality. The luxurious shape of softly sculpted angular corners create lots of visual interest while also providing a generous amount of planting space.

Choose between two different sizes, the 16 inch low bowl, and the 20 inch tall planter. Display together or singly, the Dao triangular garden planters will make a great addition to any landscape or atrium. Whether you buy resin planters wholesale for multiple properties, several pots for the backyard, or two tall planters to flank your entryway, these stunning triangular planters for sale online will offer untold beauty and versatility no matter where they are on display. Available in Caviar Black and Vintage Copper, additional colors can be special ordered to meet your exterior decor.

Shock resistant and fade resistant, the Dao triangle shaped planters have tremendous strength yet they are light in weight, making them easy to move about and ideal for use on balconies and decks.

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Dao 16in. Modern Triangle Planter - Caviar Black
Dao 16in. Modern Triangle Planter - Vintage Copper
Dao 20in. Modern Triangle Planter - Caviar Black
Dao 20in. Modern Triangle Planter - Vintage Copper

Dao Contemporary Triangular Planters for Sale

For a contemporary look in high grade triangle shaped planters, the Dao offers untold beauty and panache. With its subtly smoothed corners and wide brim top, their is plenty of room for all manner of blooms and blossoms. Available in two sizes - the 16 inch and 20 inch heights, planting surface measures 14 inches for both. And besides their lush surface in which to plant, they are gently tapered to a 10 inch or 12 inch base which only increases their allure. The 16 inch low bowl provides three and a half gallons of planter volume, while the 20 inch tall triangular garden planters provide eight and a quarter gallons of planting volume. The durable double wall construction provides a practical function as well as an aesthetic one. The walls add strength and shock resistance against temperature extremes while also showcasing the solid look of clay or heavier planters. While designed to mimic them, these lightweight outdoor planters weigh only a fraction of their heavier counterparts.

Multiple Applications for Triangle Shaped Planters

Whether you purchase resin planters wholesale for multiple properties as a business owner or choose just a few for home container gardening, Dao Contemporary Triangle Planters are suitable for all kinds of venues. As a contemporary planter, they make ideal vessels for spas as a towel receptacle. Or display tall planters filled with lush colorful flowers flanking the spa door. The Dao also provides great containers for small trees and tall grasses that line walkways or as focal points in a courtyard. Choose Caviar Black planters to accent against a modern white home. Or select Vintage Copper to enhance a sleek stainless steel garage door. No matter where you put these triangular garden planters, they provide years of curb appeal for your property.

Enduring Lightweight Outdoor Planters

Dao contemporary planters are as enduring as they are durable. Their double walled construction offers not only makes them shock resistant, this shock resistance against weather extremes is one of the very things that enhances their longevity. They won't bow, crack or split, preserving their solid shape, nor will they fade from ongoing sun and weather exposure. They are backed by a manufacturer's 10 year limited warranty to prevent these very things. For additional information, please call 888-427-3362 today to speak with a garden specialist.