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Forsythia Urn

As a venerable garden ornament, urn planters embody timeless elegance. And while garden urns are anything but new to landscapes, the availability of lightweight and durable resin urn planters is certainly a refreshing development. The Forsythia Urn Planters are a fusion of historically beloved design and modern materials, for a truly special outdoor planting container.

Rotationally molded from anti-shock materials, the Forsythia Resin Urn Planters take on an appearance similar to that of concrete or plaster garden urns. Featuring vertical leaf frond detailing that stretches nearly to the container opening, each of these urn planters is exquisitely designed and finished in a choice of four attractive colors: Old Bronze, Rust, Weathered Graystone or Caviar Black. Whichever finish you fancy, rest assured that these resin urn planters are ready to exude charm and class outside your home.

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Forsythia Urn - Weathered Greystone
Forsythia Urn - Caviar Black
Forsythia Urn - Antique Bronze
Traditionally loved garden urns have new life breathed into them with this collection of resin urn planters, available for purchase online at Hooks & Lattice. Urn planters may have arrived on the gardening scene centuries before our time, but we assure you the ancients never had options like the Forsythia. Constructed from anti-shock resin that is rotationally molded for uniform wall thickness, these garden urns are exquisite in their appearance and durable in their function.

The Forsythia Urn Planters take a page out of their ancestral book in terms of style, but modern materials make them a leg up when it comes to lightweight, resilient construction. Each of these resin urn planters is inherently resilient in outdoor applications, including tough climates with extreme temperatures. Also, as these decorative garden urns are also functional planters, each is pre-drilled with drainage holes and comes ready for your potting soil and planting load.

Garden urns made from lightweight, anti-shock resin will never fade under the stress of sunlight or crack under the pressure of extreme temperatures. Their material makeup is designed to endure tough exterior applications, making them supreme urn planters for gardeners who want a low maintenance, high performance container to enjoy for many seasons.

The Forsythia Urn features a distinctive narrow shape with an elongated leaf pattern that would usually be made of heavy cast concrete or plaster. With a deep rolled top rim to finish off the elegant design, these resin urn planters look like an expensive, heavyweight material but are actually affordable and lightweight. Four colors are available to suit a range of homes and landscapes, from rustic and rural, to modern and urban. Choose from cool neutrals like Caviar Black and Weathered Graystone, or warm-toned Rust and Old Bronze options. In any finish, these garden urns look lovely and refined. Place in pairs to flank gates and doorways, or disperse throughout your landscape for an interesting addition of depth and style.

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