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Forsythia Wall Mount Planter

The Forsythia Wall Planter is a classically styled wall mount vase made from anti-shock resin. Featuring a vertical plant frond pattern that elegantly curves along the silhouette of the container, each of these wall mounted planters is a lovely accent for outdoor walls, columns and fences.

With a matching garden urn of the same name, the Forsythia Wall Mounted Planters share a distinct design that radiates refined charm. Each wall planter gives the look of much heftier cast concrete or plaster material when, in fact, the Forsythia is made from rotationally molded resin that only looks heavy and expensive. These containers are remarkably lightweight, impeccably constructed and - perhaps their most alluring perk - affordable.

For a wall mount vase that matches your timeless residential style and color scheme, choose from the Forsythia Wall Planter in four different finishes: Weathered Terracotta, Rust, Old Bronze or Weathered Graystone. Click on products below for dimensions and further specification.

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Forsythia Wall Mount Planter - Weathered Greystone
Forsythia Wall Mount Planter - Weathered Terra Cotta
Forsythia Wall Mount Planter - Antique Bronze
Wall mounted planters are a great way to adorn outdoor partitions and architectural columns. This decorative wall mount vase not only makes a lovely design accent, but it also provides a functional wall planter for flowers and vines. The Forsythia is also available as a freestanding garden urn for homeowners or landscapers looking to buy a cohesive system of planters. In both styles, containers are made from an anti-shock resin that is configured via rotational molding for superior outdoor performance.

Beginning with its rounded base, the Forsythia Wall Planter features interesting curvature that opens up into a wide rolled top lip at the container opening. Each wall mount vase comes with a nice large basin that has drainage holes pre-drilled and ready to receive your desired plant choices. Draping vines and brilliant blooming flowers look particularly stunning when springing from wall mounted planters along a front porch wall or column. And with a planter made from durable and lightweight resin, long lasting performance is guaranteed. In fact, this product comes with a 10-year limited warranty should it ever crack or fade.

Mounting a wall planter adds a huge amount of detail to front porches, covered patio walls, landscaping columns or even along the wooden posts of a screened-in porch. It creates a gardening opportunity where otherwise only a blank wall would be, and brings a vertical element to architecture and landscaping. Additionally, when filled with brilliantly colored plants and flowers, the eye is immediately drawn to not only your wall mount vase, but also the other desirable details of your home that deserve highlighting. And by purchasing low-maintenance resin planters, you are assured multiple seasons of carefree container gardening beauty.

A wall mount vase in the attractive Forsythia design is just one of many options available online, via Hooks & Lattice. Our extensive assemblage of wall- and railing-mount planters, in addition to window boxes and freestanding designs, offers something for everyone in terms of style and function.

The Forsythia Wall Mount Planter is available for online ordering via our secure website. For questions or assistance please call toll free at 1-800-896-0978 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).