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Composite Urban Chic Planter Box

Take modest, white planters to the next level of style with the Composite Urban Chic Planter Box by Hooks and Lattice. These urban planters have the sleek, metropolitan feel of a much more expensive container all in one elegant, affordable composite planter.

Our Composite Urban Chic Planter Box models are a part of the larger Urban Chic collection of planting containers. Urban planters also include an assortment of matching window boxes. These white planters look lovely against simple tall grasses or lean flowering plants arranged in neat rows. Although ideally suited to modern and contemporary aesthetics, the simple sophistication of each Composite Urban Chic Planter Box makes them an easy piece to incorporate within a range of design plans. Keep them as clean, white planters or ask one of our representatives about other color and finish options.

For questions on these and other urban planters, or to discuss a custom project, please call 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.

18in. Square Urban-Chic Premier Deck Planter No Feet |18in. W x 18in. H
24in. Urban-Chic Premier Deck Planter No Feet | 18in. W x 24in. H

Get that downtown, cosmopolitan vibe with the Composite Urban Chic Planter Box. These white planters have a clean, simple silhouette making them a favorite among urban planters or for gardeners in homes with contemporary or modern design.

Each urban planter box is either square or rectangular, depending on the size chosen. Although sold as white planters online, for the project that requires a specific color palette, our representatives can discuss different color or finish options at additional pricing.

Our Composite Urban Chic Planter Box is stunning in its simplicity, making it an easy addition into a variety of landscapes. Picture these white planters lining walkways, along patio edges or flanking a penthouse terrace in a metropolitan residence. Each urban planter box is a part of a larger collection of containers, including window boxes and also a full assortment of commercial containers that come in tapered and other silhouettes. The fact that these urban planters are popular with both our commercial and residential customers speaks to their versatility and universal design appeal.

Made from an industry favorite material, each Composite Urban Chic Planter Box is an outdoor rated product constructed for tough exterior applications. The strong, composite material makes for a container that resists cracking, fading, warping and other common maintenance issues. Also, unlike other planter materials like wood, concrete or clay, composite has a lightweight component that makes for easy mobility within a landscape. Plant and replant, decorate and redecorate with these easy, low-maintenance white planters.

Browse the urban planters below to see available sizes and pricing. If you like the Composite Urban Chic Planter Box but don't see the size your project requires, please contact one of our knowledgeable representatives to discuss the possibility of ordering a custom urban planter box or to explore other options for residential white planters from Hooks and Lattice.

Our Urban Chic line of urban planters also includes window boxes and other options for matching outdoor accessories. One of our representatives is available to suggest other home and garden products for your unique home design and landscaping project.

For questions, additional details or custom ordering, please call us toll free: 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.