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Cairo Vase Planter

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The Cairo Vase Planter is a full-bodied commercial fiberglass planter with a classically tapered silhouette. The blueprint of these large commercial planters is derived from a design used since ancient Egyptian times that still finds modern relevance.

The Cairo Commercial Planter is sophisticated enough to fit into the rich decor of any white glove service establishment, grand ballroom, or as Five Star Hotel Planters. At the same time, it can exude casual chic that is fashionably compatible with beach bungalows, mountain retreats, health clubs, day spas, sports facilities or sidewalk cafes.

Pair up large commercial planters to accent interior spaces, like as hotel planters flanking open-air doorways or delineating concierge, information or reception desk spaces. Also picture the Cairo on a poolside patio, at a commercial theatre or lining the walkways of a University.

The Cairo Commercial Planter can be made to nearly any specification you desire. Please call to discuss your project, product availability and pricing; 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, M-F.

Please call to discuss your project and get availability and pricing.

22in. Dia. x 24in.H Cairo Vase Planter
24in. Dia. x 30in.H Cairo Vase Planter
30in. Dia. x 36in. Cairo Vase Planter
36in. Dia. x 42in.H Cairo Vase Planter

The Cairo Large Commercial Planters are derived from a classic tapered silhouette that has been in use since the time of the ancient Egyptians. The sophisticated curvature is still relevant today because of its adaptability, grace, style and exquisitely elegant simplicity when formed as a commercial planter. The tapered body leads up to a generously proportioned opening for lovely displays of plants and greenery.

Place Cairo large commercial planters beside the entryway outside a hotel, bank, library, post office or spa for a functional and attractive space identifier. Popular as hotel planters, the Cairo commercial planter is an effortless tool for delineating entryways to city inns, country lodges or coastal open-air lobbies. Interior and commercial designers will also picture them in pairs to define doorways, reception areas, information desks and concierge stations.

Made from durable and flexible fiberglass, the Cairo commercial planter is a functional and practical tool for design in commercial spaces. Inside, the Cairo commercial planter can add warmth to a waiting area, vestibule or atrium or contribute elegance and status to an executive suite, conference room, banquet hall or product exhibition space.

For exterior applications, like as hotel planters on a pool deck or in a courtyard, fiberglass is an all-weather material that can withstand the elements. These rot proof large commercial planters hold up better than wood and are more lightweight than concrete - an ideal choice for decorating a poolside patio, commercial theatre, golf course or tennis facility, university library or sidewalk bistro.

The Cairo Large Commercial Planters come in a range of stock sizes and we also offer individual consult for custom dimensions. Further customize your product with a range of available colors and two finish options: textured or smooth. With the right combination of color, finish and size, our customers get a commercial planter that is just right for their unique design project.

To talk about your project in more detail or discuss custom measurements for large commercial planters, we invite you to contact our knowledgeable team at Planters Unlimited. Our team is available Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm PST by calling 1-888-320-0626.