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Venetian Vase Planter- 24" Dia. x 32"H

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Our heavy duty Venetian Vase Planter is made of top quality fiberglass for years of commercial use indoors or outside. The pretty profile is exquisitely detailed from the pedestal base to the curved upper lip, and resembles a fine goblet or chalice. But the beauty of the design is also highly functional and practical. Because the Venetian Vase Planter has a relatively tall, slender posture with a circular footprint it can fit into spaces where larger or wider planters are not suitable. That means that Venetian Vase Planters work great next to doorways and entrances or for adding immediate color and greenery in corners. They also do a great job of concealing unsightly vertical objects such as plumbing pipes, trash cans, or circuit boxes and telecom cabinets.

Place Venetian Vase Planters in a row to create a visual screen of greenery. Use them, for example, to separate a sidewalk bistro from street traffic or to conceal a bike rack that is located next to a restaurant patio. They can be deployed in matching pairs to beautifully frame a door, or you can use several in varying heights to accent an ascending stairway or steps leading to a building's main entrance. Decorate a waiting room, reception area, or lobby with them, or place them inside a botanical garden or on a patio or upstairs balcony. They look fantastic when used on rooftop terraces but also work wonders at street level next to lampposts and park benches. Because they are offered in a number of different finishes, textures, dimensions, and colors they can easily coordinate with indoor design schemes. They work inside an upscale art gallery or museum just as appropriately as they do outside bus stations, fire departments, emergency rooms, or tourist information centers.

We ensure their longevity and durability by making our Venetian Vase Planters out of super resilient fiberglass. They hold their shape and color and withstand constant use and exposure to harsh conditions without chipping, fading, leaking, or cracking. The Venetian Vase Planter is an all-around winner for every conceivable commercial decorating or landscaping application.

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Venetian Vase Planter- 24" Dia. x 32"H
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