Venetian Decora Window Boxes With Metal Liners

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Venetian Decora Window Boxes With Metal Liners

Starting at $79.85
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Dimension Note: Scrolls add 5" to length, 2" to width
Decora Window Boxes - Easy Mounting Strip

Stunning, Chic European Style

What do you get when combining a stunning wrought iron window box cage with a durable, chic liner? The Venetian Decora Window Boxes, of course!

One of the many styles of wrought iron window planter available online from Hooks and Lattice, the Venetian Decora Window Boxes combine a wrought iron flower cage with a choice of many different liner options. Each window box cage is elegantly designed with a section of vertical bars that curl over into an enchanting scroll detail at the top that is reminiscent of those found in Italian courtyard gardens. The Venetian window planters are all handcrafted by local artisans with decades of experience.

Stability You Can Count On, Choices You Love

Each flower cage in this collection is made from wrought iron that is finished in a powder coated black paint. This makes the Venetian Decora Window Boxes not only an impeccably styled product, but also a durable one. Powder coating is a superior form of paint application that helps to protect the metal from corrosion caused by outdoor elements like extreme temperature, moisture or damaging solar rays.

For each wrought iron window planter inset, Hooks and Lattice offers a variety of liner choices. From the category below, our customers will find Venetian Decora Window Boxes with a white, brown or terra cotta colored vinly liner, galvanized liners in white or three types of bronze, and - finally - a real, raw copper option. Prices will vary depending on the size of flower cage chosen and the liner selection. All liners have drainage holes to promote healthy root growth.

Each window box cage is also capable of acting as a container for a row of potted plants or alternative liners purchased in a corresponding size. Some customers will also choose to fill a wrought iron window planter with coconut coir or other types of mossy liner to allow for insertion of plants without a plastic or metal liner. Mix up your garden design by dropping in 6-8" flower pots for rustic appeal.

In addition to our Venetian Decora Window Boxes with assorted liner options, Hooks and Lattice is also proud to bring our customers a range of other wrought iron window planter styles. These are all a part of the Decora Window Boxes with Liners collection and each provides a functional planting container with timeless design appeal.

For questions on the Venetian Decora Window Boxes or other wrought iron window planter designs seen online, please call to speak with one of our knowledgeable, friendly representatives toll free. Custom orders accepted; call for a no-obligation quote!

Learn More About Wrought Iron Window Boxes:

Combine a stunning wrought iron window planter cage with attractive liner options, and you get the Venetian Decora Window Boxes from Hooks and Lattice. Each window box cage in this collection is made from sturdy wrought iron that is bent to a charming flower cage design with interesting scrolling details around the opening.

Available in a range of popular sizes, the Venetian Decora Window Boxes can be purchased as a flower cage to fit any window frame. Each black wrought iron window planter is finished in a black powder coated paint that not only looks lovely, but also protects against outdoor elements like moisture, sun and fluctuating temperatures. On top of the already durable window box cage, Hooks and Lattice offers the option of different liner choices, everything from ulta lightweight vinyl to heavy duty galvanized liners offered in a multitude of color options.

Hang Venetian window box planters on walls, fences or deck rails to beautify your home or business. Window boxes add instant curb appeal, increasing property values and improving aesthetics on your block. Shop our standard sizes below or call to request custom planter boxes.

Questions about Metal Window Box Planters? Call: 800-896-0978 7am - 5pm PST, M-F
More Information
Height 7.5"
Width 8.5"
Style Tapered
Material Wrought Iron
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Liner Black, Bronze, Real Copper, White
Color Black
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