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Villagio Round Planters

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The Villagio Round Planter is a practical, yet design-centric option for commercial grade large planters. Seated on a sturdy, round base the dramatic silhouette of these round planters is well suited to Mediterranean influenced design and landscape styles. Picture the Villagio situated next to a trickling garden fountain or as an interior accent in an ornately tiled foyer. Whatever placement you choose within your design plans, this collection of large planters can bring a pleasing touch.

In addition to satisfying an eye for style, the Villagio is constructed with functionality and durabilty in mind. Made of fiberglass, these round planters are lightweight, waterproof and low maintenance, making them fitted indoor or outdoor planters. The fiberglass construction also enables the Villagio to stand up to exterior elements without the upkeep and immobility of other clunky outdoor planters. With sizes ranging from 24"-60" in diameter, and 24"-42" in height, and an additional option in a low bowl style, this collection can be customized to fit your needs. Color and finish options are also available.

24" Dia. x 24"H Round Villagio Planter
30" Dia. x 24"H Round Villagio Planter
36" Dia. x 24"H Round Villagio Planter
42" Dia. x 24"H Round Villagio Planter
30" Dia. x 30"H Round Villagio Planter
36" Dia x 30"H Round Villagio Planter
42" Dia. x 30"H Round Villagio Planter
36" Dia x 36"H Round Villagio Planter
42" Dia. x 36"H Round Villagio Planter
Villagio 60" Dia. x 42"H Round Planter
Villagio Low Bowl Planter
1 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Bring a chic practicality to interior and landscape design plans with the Villagio collection of round planters. Constructed from fiberglass, one of the most versatile materials used in modern commercial grade landscaping, these large planters can stand up to even the most demanding placements. Whether utilized as indoor or outdoor planters, the majestic curvature of the Villagio round planter easily compliments a range of design concepts.

Architects, designers and planners will start by choosing a desired size, ranging from 24"-60" in diameter, and 24"-42" in height. Whether your sizing requirements are modest or demanding, the flexible nature of fiberglass allows for Planters Unlimited to help customize for your design plans. The Villagio round planter is primarily offered in a jug shaped style which guides the eye from a regal circular base up through engaging curvature. If you enjoy the overall aesthetic of these large planters but a more flattened, sprawling look is your aim there is also an available option in a low bowl design.

In addition to sizing, variations in color and finish are available through our order system. Colors are offered in all the neutral basics like black, pearl, beige and shades of gray. In addition to the fundamentals, Planters Unlimited also brings a vibrant variety to our fiberglass indoor and outdoor planters like the earthen tones Cypress and Dove, or the brighter Terracotta option. Smooth or textured finishes will top off your color choice with just the right touch, whether you're looking for a rustic or polished feel. Our customization process is perfect for projects in motion with already existing design elements. Go ahead, create what you need and ease the stress of trying to locate large commercial planters that gel with your overall aesthetic.

Find what you're looking for in the Planters Unlimited collection of fiberglass indoor and outdoor planters. Not only does fiberglass provide flexibility in construction, but it holds up under the pressure of tough commercial-scapes and interior designs. Rest assured that Planters Unlimited commercial planters not only look fabulous, but are also made of high quality materials capable of enhancing your spaces for the long run.