48in. Regalia Decora Window Box

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Lightweight Railing Planter for Any Home
Whether you live in a city apartment or condo, or you're someone who enjoys a daily dose of country charm, you're sure to appreciate the design of these lightweight railing planters. As a metal window box planter, they're suitable in a range of locations, lending lots of versatility. And because of their baked-on powder coating, their weather resistance lets you enjoy their visual appeal season after season. Each of these window boxes with plastic planter liners showcases an elegant scroll pattern which is then accented with its classic black finish. This provides lots of design versatility with virtually any home's exterior. Additionally, these cages can be installed just about anywhere you please. Set them up along railings, on window sills, or even on walls and fences in need of an update. Just find the appropriate hardware (sold elsewhere on our site) for easy installation. Or take advantage of our "Easy Up" cleat mounting system for quick and worry-free installation.

Two Liners for Added Convenience
If one liner is good, then two are fantastic. This window box comes with two vinyl liners to make your gardening convenient and affordable. While vinyl is our most economical option, it's still durable enough to withstand the elements while enhancing the style of your arrangements. Both liners feature drainage holes already drilled. Effective drainage prevents root rot due to over-watering. Trays are included when your plants need to be taken indoors, or for mounting in areas where people will be walking beneath the planter. Liners come in three colors, so finding one that matches your personal tastes is a snap. The inclusion of a second liner means you can swap out your arrangements any time you desire. Move flowers to and from direct sun, or replace one arrangement for another when the seasons change.

Customizable to Your Liking
Each of our window boxes can be customized to suit your unique deisgn needs. They come in varied sizes to fit most standard windows. Add accessories to make growing fresh greens, herbs, or flowers easy and convenient. Add a self-watering reservoir system to keep plants lush and healthy, even when you can't be there to handle the watering yourself. Artificial flowers are also a popular choice to put in these beauties, since they'll allow you to enjoy vibrant plant life all year round. Additional liners or upgraded liner options are also available.

More Information
Length 48"
Height 7.5"
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Liner Brown, Terra Cotta, White
Color Black
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