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Residential Vinyl Planters

Beauty and durability meet in this vinyl planter collection. Vinyl planter boxes add style to front porches, back patios, and decks. Colors include white, black and clay, and if you want another shade, these plastic planters are easy to paint.

There's a size and shape for every application. Pair two tall Prestige vinyl planter boxes on either side of your front door, or cluster several square Promenade planters around the pool. In addition to their good-looking silhouettes, these hard-working plastic planters offer valuable features like double-wall construction and self-watering reservoirs. Best of all, these vinyl planters will be delivered right to your home - no need to wrestle them into your car in the big-box parking lot. Just another way a low-maintenance plastic planter makes your life easier.

Many of these vinyl planter styles have matching vinyl window boxes. Pair them together for a polished look and extra curb appeal.

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Promenade Patio Planters
12 Designs
Self Watering
Prestige Patio Planter
10 Designs
Self Watering
Freeport Patio Planters
3 Designs
Self Watering
Savannah Porch Planters
3 Designs
Self Watering
Promenade Tall Patio Planters
3 Designs
Self Watering
Prestige Tall Patio Planters
6 Designs
Self Watering
Camden Tall Patio Planters
3 Designs
Self Watering
Presidential Tall Patio Planters
3 Designs
Self Watering
Bloomington Tall Patio Planters
3 Designs
Self Watering
Royal Windsor Deck & Patio Planters
Vinyl Deck Planters
Worthington Tall Planters
3 Designs
Self Watering
Presidential Square Patio Planters
3 Designs
Self Watering
Lakeview Square Patio Planters
6 Designs
Self Watering
19in. Lanai Low Bowl Planter
Mansfield Storage Bin-Black
Mansfield Storage Bin-White
Lakeview 28in. Tall Tapered Planter
Self-Watering Cottage Weave Planter
Montclaire Round Planters
Bloomington 40 inch Tall Patio Planters
Lakeview 38 inch Tall Planter w/ Liner - Choose from 4 Colors
Prestige Tall Waste Bin - Choose from 4 Colors
Bloomington Tall Waste Bin
Lakeview Tall Waste Bin
Ballyhoo Waste Bin
Price: $168.85
Lakeview Towel Valet
Price: $691.85
Bloomington Trough Planters

Vinyl planters from Hooks and Lattice are undeniably lovely and when compared to free standing planters in other materials, unquestionably superior in terms of convenience. Available online, our Residential Vinyl Planter Collection includes a range of styles, sizes and attractive colors at affordable prices.

Each residential vinyl planter seen above is ready to order via our secure website. These high quality, lightweight containers have become a favorite choice for vinyl deck planters on patios, porches and other hard outdoor surfaces. A highly durable vinyl construction qualifies each piece as outdoor rated and ensures it's built for tough exterior applications. Our free standing planters will stand up in a range of climates including cold, hot, wet, dry and everything in between.

For tall, regal vinyl deck planters check out our Camden, Prestige and Promenade Tall Vinyl Planters. Each style features an elegantly tapered silhouette and interesting side panels for a bit of character. When you look at the Residential Vinyl Planter collection from Hooks and Lattice, also keep in mind that there is a full line of window boxes to match and enhance. Pair free standing planters with Prestige Window Boxes for a fully cohesive system of outdoor planting containers.

For a residential vinyl planter that sits lower to the ground, our Promenade, Prestige, Savannah and Freeport Patio Planters are just the thing. With square or rectangular silhouettes available, these free standing planters work well for adding layers in the garden. Mix and match vinyl planters in free standing and hanging styles to engage the eye at all levels of your garden and landscape.

With most of our vinyl planters available in either white, black or clay finishes, each customer can choose the hue best suited to their plans. On top of the styles and sizes seen here, Hooks and Lattice also offers custom service for select planters within our online store. For more details, please call to speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly representatives.

To ask questions about our Residential Vinyl Planter Collection and other free standing planters or window boxes, please call toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.