The Prestige Window Box - 3 Colors To Choose From!

The Prestige Window Box - 3 Colors To Choose From!

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The Prestige Window Box - 3 Colors To Choose From!

Starting at $119.99
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Ships In
3-5 Business Days

Features and benefits of our Prestige Window Box Series:

  • Integrated reservoir system stores excess water
  • Fabricated from polyethylene, with a double wall design
  • Optional Decorative brackets available in all colors
  • 15 year Limited Warranty; Made in USA
  • The Prestige Vinyl Window Boxes and Planters

    Also known as the Fairfield window box, the Prestige Vinyl Window Boxes and Planters collection offers untold beauty at an affordable price. They mimic wood to perfection yet have none of wood's downsides. The recessed dual panel motif dresses up any window or railing, boosting curb appeal in the process. And their broad lipped extrusions reminiscent of crown molding on the bottom and top, presents a powerful accent for each of these elegant vinyl window planters. When looking for muted yet colored vinyl flower boxes, the Prestige flower box planter comes in crisp white, black, and clay. The understated color showcases perfectly the blooms and blossoms planted inside, putting the spotlight on foliage where it belongs.

    Amazing Durability of Vinyl Window Planters

    Each planter box is manufactured with the highest grade Polyethylene resin. It is lightweight and rugged, easily enduring extreme temperature fluctuations without damage. They won't rot, warp, mildew or crack, unlike their wood counterparts. The Prestige's double wall construction provides a self-watering reservoir in addition to functioning as a sub-irrigation system. This keeps roots healthy, keeping them hydrated while also preventing root rot. They come with a 15 year limited warranty ensuring they look as fresh and crisp as the day you installed them. The Prestige flower box planter is essentially maintenance free too. If dust or debris accumulates, simply wipe with a damp cloth or spray with a light hose.

    Watch our video below to learn more about Vinyl Window Boxes:

    Enhancing Curb Appeal with the Prestige Line

    Prestige window boxes are available in several sizes beginning at 36 inches long up to 60 inches long. They are easy to mount with steel mounting brackets included. Pick up a pair of decorative Promenade window box brackets to boost aesthetics. In addition to the curb appeal potential, these beauties can be paired with any of the matching planters. Tall tapered Prestige planters come with 2 panels, while conventional square and rectangle plant containers sport a single panel. For additional information or to discuss design ideas, please call 800-896-0978 today and speak with one of our plant container experts.

    Have the look of wood without the upkeep with our high-grade polyethylene planters. Our Prestige Line provides long-lasting beauty, durability and quality.

    • Built-in water reservoir encourages healthy plant growth by allowing plants to practically water themselves.
    • Beautiful New England design adds a charming touch to any patio or deck.
    • Our molded plastic planters are made from a high-grade polyethylene, double wall design.
    • Sub-irrigation water system, encourages root growth.
    • Approximately 9.5 gallon soil capacity.
    • 15-year limited warranty.
    • Optional decorative brackets add a touch of sophistication

    For more information please call us toll free at 800-896-0978.

    More Information
    Length 36", 48", 60"
    Height 11"
    Width 11"
    Material Vinyl
    Color Black, Clay, Espresso, White
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