Presidential 24 in. Window Box- Graphite Grey

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If you're looking for the perfect window planter boxes to highlight your home and add curb appeal that your neighbors are sure to appreciate, then these planters are your ideal options. They combine the elegance you want with the durability you need, so you can rest assured that your investment is a sound one. Each box features luxuriously paneled fronts for a regal appearance, combined with a bowed shape that gently curves outward for a sleek and sophisticated look. The soft clay coloring adds to the appeal, allowing this striking planter to mingle well with virtually any exterior design theme. Every one of our Presidential planters is made from durable polyethylene, a material that isn't prone to the issues you'd have with conventional wood planters - rotting, insects, and warping. And it won't rust that metal can or fade in the sun. This material is also lightweight enough to fit virtually anywhere, including along windowsills, on walls, or even along railings on the patio. Your gardening options have never been better. Each planter also has an internal water reservoir, allowing moisture and nutrients to be delivered directly to your plants' roots. You can water less often, allowing you to travel or just forget about gardening duties for a while. Choose from an array of sizes.

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Length 24"
Height 10"
Width 11.5"
Material Vinyl
Color Grey
Sizes 24"
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