Presidential 36 in. Window Box - Black

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There is something special about this stunning 3-foot planter box, and one look will tell you what it is. The Presidential features a striking paneled design that mimics elegant molding for a luxurious feel. The bowed fronts create a slender and sleek angle to further this appeal, while the black color is designed to coordinate beautifully with virtually any exterior design theme. These planters are also room enough to display all manner of flowers, greenery, edibles, and vining plants along the windowsills, railings, or even on the walls of your home. No matter how limited your yard or patio space, you can create the garden you always wanted. Each planter box is constructed from durable polyethylene to prevent the issues you get from other planter materials. There is no worry over warping, rotting, or insect damage. And you'll never even have to think about rusting or corrosion. Additionally, the Presidential is ideal for new gardeners or those who don't have much time to spend. It boasts an internal reservoir that delivers water and nutrients to your plants directly through the roots, but without over saturating them. That means you can go longer between watering, without worry over root rot.

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Length 36"
Height 10"
Width 11.5"
Material Vinyl
Color Black
Sizes 36"
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