Presidential 48 in. Window Box Red

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The Presidential outdoor window box planters is every bit as regal and stylish as it sounds. From its paneled front and smooth exterior, to its gently curved design that hugs your windowsill with exact precision, it is designed with elegance in mind. Inside, there is a spacious planting area which keeps flowers and other plant life safe and secure, while offering them the ideal environment to grow and thrive. An internal reservoir system is also provided, which holds moisture near the roots where they can take what they need when they need it. This helps prevent drying out and wilted petals due to lack of water, while also allowing the moisture to be delivered in a controlled manner that won't lead to molding and root rot, which are both common issues with overwatering.
Weather resistance is provided by the polyethylene construction of the Presidential window box. It won't warp or rot in outdoor conditions like many wooden options can do, and rusting and other issues common with metal are also no longer issues. That means you'll enjoy superior performance and a high level of style for years into the future.
Additionally, window boxes come in a wide range of stylish colors, so you can choose the one that fits your needs best of wall.

More Information
Length 48"
Height 10"
Width 11.5"
Material Vinyl
Color Red
Sizes 48"
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