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Metal wall hangings are a refreshingly original way to update home and office decor. Featuring ornate patterns or object likenesses, each piece of metal wall art featured here has a unique design, texture and coloration. And because metal wall decor generally offers the benefit of construction from recycled material, our customers can feel good about giving discarded scrap metal a new, beautiful purpose.

Diversify your interior design with metal wall decor in traditional and contemporary styles. In addition to paintings, prints and other wall hangings, metal wall art adds a punch of different texture and color as only an alloy material can provide. Our featured designs showcase intricate material bends, loops and intersections for an altogether polished look. For large and empty partitions in a hallway, foyer, office or living room, these metal wall hangings will take up a considerable amount of dead space and transform it into an eye-catching asset to interior decor. For more information please click on individual products below.

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3 Dimensional Flower Wall Art
Our metal wall art bends, twists, scrolls and crisscrosses to form undeniably alluring metal sculpture. In styles both classic and contemporary, each of the metal wall hangings featured online at Hooks & Lattice will make an impact on interior design for the home or office. In any collection, metal wall decor helps to diversify the materials, textures and colors utilized in a design scheme for an altogether original look.

Metal wall decor is available here for interior use in most any space you can think of. Our customers will find paneled metal wall art that features multi-piece arrangements in addition to single metal wall hangings. All are geared toward larger projects where homeowners and designers aim to take up a large amount of empty wall space. With the open spaces created by the lines, bends and twists of each design, these pieces are also a fun play on wall colors. Bolder paint creates a daring backdrop for rustic bronze tones and neutral paints bring out the warm components of the material.

Homeowners and designers alike both know that art is expensive. To take up a lot of wall real estate without breaking the bank, these large metal wall hangings provide a grand option with a reasonable price tag. Metal wall art in one of our four-panel configurations is also a fun option for versatile design that can evolve over the years. As your home updates and rearranges, each panel can be broken out into an individual piece of metal wall decor on top of its most common configuration as a square made up of four panels. Or mount side-by-side to break up a long corridor that leads from one wing of a house to another. In an office, individual panels can be mounted along walls that line groupings of desks for a cohesive, elegant look.

In addition to metal wall hangings for interior use, Hooks & Lattice also offers wrought iron metal wall art for both indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, we can create custom designs forged out of wrought iron. Simply sketch it up or send in a drawing from another design you were inspired by and we will help to determine if it can be made. Price quotes will vary based on the complexity and size of a design.