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Wall Hung Bubble Terrariums

For funky wall decor with a lively personality, the Wall Hung Bubble Terrariums from Hooks and Lattice are an obvious winner. Like a big floating soap bubble stuck to the wall, each glass bubble terrarium hangs easily via an open "hook-hole" in the back.

A wall bubble terrarium is great for air plants, marbles or other objects of interest and these popular hanging wall terrariums can apply in residential and commercial settings. A glass bubble terrarium provides an innovative method for combining funky wall decor with your favorite decorations or small plants. Whether in the living room at home or the reception area of a commercial office, Wall Hung Bubble Terrariums look interesting and provide an irresistible conversation piece.

Each wall bubble terrarium seen here is a high quality glass product. Choose a size and click below for more details and to place your fast, secure online order.

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4" Wall Bubble Terrarium - Empty
9" Glass Pocket Wall Terrarium - Empty
8.5" Glass Pocket Wall Terrarium - Empty

A glass bubble terrarium is an easy and funky wall decor option that you and your guests won't be able to resist looking at and talking about. In this Wall Hung Bubble Terrariums category, brought to you by Hooks and Lattice, we have organized a collection of wall bubble terrarium jars with a fabulous round shape and functional opening at the top.

Each wall bubble terrarium is made from quality glass and is easy to hang using an open ''hook-hole'' at the back of the container. We offer this glass bubble terrarium in your choice of three sizes including 4'', 6'' and 7'' measurements. Go for a uniform look with a cluster of terrariums in one size, or mix and match for an added bit of intrigue.

For the creative mind, a glass bubble terrarium will arouse endless visions for its use. Parents may recognize a wall bubble terrarium as a great project space for older children to personalize their bedroom. Kids love funky wall decor and these hanging containers provide an inexpensive opportunity to display items they find interesting. Plants are an obvious choice, but figurines, keepsakes, charms or other small items can also be inserted.

For a young person's bathroom you could even go literal with a wall bubble terrarium and simulate an aquarium theme. Using a mixture of terrariums in different sizes, scatter them along the bathroom walls and fill with fish figurines, sea stars, shells or even bathroom supplies like small soaps and cotton balls. Funky wall decor can also be functional, at least for the little things in life.

Gardeners have come to love Wall Hung Bubble Terrariums for the opportunity to take withering blooms or other pruned parts of garden plants and squeeze a little extra mileage out of them. When tending your plot, even plucked weeds like dandelions can make a colorful terrarium inhabitant for a day or two. In addition to impulse ideas, there are also plants well suited to terrarium life for the long-term like Swedish Ivy or a Pitcher Plant.

For more details on Wall Hung Bubble Terrariums, click on individual sizes below. To discuss questions or other products for your design project, we invite your toll free call: 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.