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Here, black metal wall planters are beautifully transformed into hayrack window boxes with the simple addition of molded coir liners. Ideal for lining along deck and flat fence railings, or in the traditional application below window frames, the Shealynn Heart design has all the sophistication of wrought iron wall planters and the simultaneous charm of hayrack window boxes.

These metal window planters are constructed out of heavy gauge steel that is finished with a black plastic coating. This gives containers an appearance that is highly comparable to true wrought iron wall planters. Construction and finishing techniques also make the Shealynn a durable outdoor container that stands up well for exterior use. Our gardeners find these containers last for seasons on end and with the appropriate care, coconut coir liners are also highly durable.

All Shaelynn Heart Hayrack Window Boxes include the pictured coco coir liner accompaniment. Various sizes are available for convenient online purchase.

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24" XL Shealynn Heart Hayrack
Price: $39.85
Sale Price: $32.97
36" XL Shealynn Heart Hayrack
Price: $69.85
Sale Price: $56.97
48" XL Shealynn Heart Hayrack
Price: $99.85
Sale Price: $80.97
For smart and sophisticated hayrack window boxes, the Shealynn Heart Metal Wall Planters from Hooks & Lattice are a durable and stylish option. Made from high-grade steel with a plastic coated finish, these containers have the look of wrought iron wall planters brimming with the warm texture of coco coir liners. Ideal to mount on deck railings, along walls or under windows, these quality containers make a lovely home for your preferred plants and flowers.

Hooks & Lattice offers a comprehensive line of metal wall planters online, including these hayrack window boxes. Pictured here with a classic coconut coir liner, the Shealynn Heart design includes a fitted hayrack filler in the purchase price (as pictured). Customers can choose from popular lengths including 24'', 36'' and 48'' long with the two smaller containers each measuring 8"" wide by 9"" high, and the largest option measuring 10 1/2"" wide by 11"" high.

Our customers look to these hayrack window boxes as an affordable option for sprucing up home exteriors and making a considerable boost to curb appeal. Not only are these metal window planters an inexpensive way to dress up your home architecture, they also provide a brilliant canvas for adding container arrangements to your gardening repertoire. Weeping vines, springing grasses and brilliant colored blooms will make your home feel fresh, inviting and renewed each planting season. Also, for a smart way to liven up second-story windows, hayrack window boxes can be filled with artificial plants and flowers for carefree beauty in any season. No watering or soil equals no-hassle loveliness.

Similar to wrought iron wall planters, these heavy gauge steel metal wall planters are durable for outdoor applications. Most of our customers choose the coco coir liner default to accompany while others incorporate their own preferred inserts and natural fillers. Liners are included in the purchase of a Shealynn Heart Window Box.

In addition to the metal wall planters in the Shealynn design, we also feature an extensive line of other wrought iron wall planters and cages. The Decora collection includes various designs bent out of flat bar iron and finished with an elegant powder coated paint.